VALORANT: How To Identify Fake Yoru Clones


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VALORANT: Attack of the Clone

VALORANT: How To Identify Fake Yoru Clones

Yoru has not been in the best shape for a few VALORANT patches.

Skillful Yoru players efficiently utilized the Japanese Duelist’s old skillset to fool and outplay other players for days (regardless of how relatively weak the Agent has been lately). Unfortunately, the truth is most of the time, Yoru does not provide the same value other Duelists such as Jett, Reyna, Raze, and Neon can.

The newest VALORANT patch changes all that and turns Yoru into an entry-fragging maestro with a bag full of tricks to keep his enemies on their toes. This is especially true for his very powerful and borderline overpowered Fakeout Ability, which can sometimes be impossible to decipher from the real thing.

Here are a few things to remember to identify Yoru’s Fakeout Clone from the real thing quickly.

Yoru Fakeout Clone

Yoru’s old Fakeout ability was downright a waste of in-game credits. Let’s face it: Nobody ever got fooled by Yoru’s fake footsteps.

The new Fakeout ability, though, is borderline broken.

Yoru’s Fakeout now sends an exact copy of Yoru running straight towards a targeted destination. When destroyed, the Yoru clone turns around towards the shooter’s direction and explodes after a brief moment – causing players caught within a cone to be flashed. 

The flash happens very quickly, so it is almost impossible to avoid getting flashed by turning away from the clone.

Since the update, players have already played around with the hilarious possibilities of this new Yoru Clone ability. Some players have even pretended to be the clone themselves, causing enemies to ignore the “clone” in fear of getting flashed. The resulting sequences brought by these outplays produced countless hilarious highlights that flood the interwebs right now.

How to Identify Yoru’s Clone

While the Yoru Clone looks precisely like the real thing, many nuances give away its real identity. Yoru might already be lurking behind enemy lines just waiting for someone to shoot his Clone.

Here are a few in-game abilities that affect Yoru and his clone differently so that you can differentiate one from the other.

1. Sova’s Recon Dart

Sova’s Recon Dart does not ping the Yoru clone when scanned. So if you notice a Yoru is walking towards you despite getting scanned by a Recon Dart, it is probably a clone.

2. Skye’s Ultimate

Skye’s Ultimate ignores the Yoru clone. When using Skye’s Ultimate, look for the Yoru that does not show up.

3. Reyna Ultimate

When Reyna has her ultimate ability, the real Yoru glows a more solid color than the normal-looking clone. Ignore the “normal” Yoru in this case.

4. All Flashes Do Not Affect the Yoru Clone.

Flashes such as Reyna’s Leer, for example, show a normal Yoru WITHOUT a dark sphere covering his head, indicating Leer flashes a player in normal circumstances. In this case, it is safe to ignore the Yoru clone. 

5. Stun Abilities Do Not Work.

Stun abilities such as Breach’s Fault Line and Rolling Thunder do not affect a Yoru Clone. Skye’s Trailblazer does not work as well.

6. Cypher’s Trapwire Can Trip a Yoru Clone.

A Yoru Clone can trigger cypher’s Trapwire. However, the Clone will continue walking forward despite the fact and will not be bound by the Trapwire, unlike regular Agents. 

7. KAY/O Knife

KAY/O’s Knife Suppress icon (purple inverse triangle on the chest) does not appear on a Yoru Clone.

8. Yoru Clone walks through players.

Some players will pretend to be the “clone” to score some hysterical kills off unsuspecting enemies. Players will often run straight towards direct enemy lines without moving their mouse.

Try to block the Clone’s pathing to see if it passes through your character. If it does not, it is probably the real Yoru.

9. Alarm Bot, Snake Bite, and other debuffs do not show up on the Clone player model.

Killjoy’s Alarm Bot typically shows up as a “broken armor” visual on the enemies’ player model. When a Yoru Clone triggers an Alarm Bot, this visual will not show up.

10. Sova Drone and Skye Trailblazer

Sova’s Drone and Skye’s Trailblazer do not clip onto the enemy Yoru’s clone, and these abilities pass through the Clone as if they were a ghost.

11. Sova’s Ultimate

Sova’s Ultimate usually tags and reveals enemy players hit by the beam, except for the Yoru Clone.

12. Cypher’s Ultimate

Cypher’s Ultimate can only reveal the real Yoru’s whereabouts on the map.

Ignoring it might be good if you see a Yoru walking towards you when the real Yoru has been pinged from across the map.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Players have begun using Yoru’s Fakeout Ability like a pseudo-Trojan Horse – they walk straight into enemy lines themselves acting to be the “clone” when, in fact, they are the real Yoru. The result is often an easy multi-kill for the Yoru player and a healthy dose of tilt-pill for his victims.

These small details can help you identify the real Yoru from the fake one. However, they might be challenging to remember in the heat of battle, so you might be better off just playing it safe with a teammate so they can trade you in case you get flashed by the Fakeout Clone.

That is about it! If you liked this VALORANT guide, you might find our article, Cypher Trapwire Setups for Ascent, a fun read. Go ahead and check it out!

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