VALORANT: Brimstone Molly Lineups on Haven (Post-plant)


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Set Haven on fire with these Brimstone Molly Lineups.

VALORANT: Brimstone Molly Lineups on Haven (Post-plant)

Agents such as Astra and Viper have long been the Controller/Sentinel Hybrid Agents of choice. The duo can play both the Controller/Sentinel roles exceptionally well for their team.

However, the recent Patch 4.04 update to VALORANT made sure these meta-defining Controller Agents took a quick back seat. The nerfs given to Astra and Viper were necessary to accentuate the buffs given to somewhat forgotten Controller Agents like Omen and Brimstone.

While Brimstone’s Incendiary Ability remains untouched by buffs or nerfs, his Sky Smoke and Stim Beacon have been given noticeable improvements.

The result? Improved pick rate and win rate percentages since the Patch 4.04 release. Brimstone now tops the ValorBuff win rate percentage of any Agent in the last seven days. 

Since Brimstone has seen more use lately, it is fitting to supplement his newfound strength with some classic post-plant Molly lineups to make him a competitive Agent in both the Attacking and Defending sides on Haven.

Brimstone Incendiary

Brimstone’s Incendiary is one of the most potent Incendiary-type Ability for stalling Spike-defuses, and enemy rushes in VALORANT.

Like all other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT such as Viper’s Snake Bite and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, and KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, Brimstone’s Incendiary has a standard radius of 5 meters. It is decently priced at 250 Credits and has a decent Equip Time of 1.1 seconds.

image 269

What sets Brimstone’s Incendiary apart from every other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT is the ridiculous 7-second (minimum) duration. In a fast-paced game such as VALORANT, where every single second counts, Brimstone’s Incendiary is an insanely powerful stalling tool for both the Attacking and Defending sides. 

For comparison, Viper’s Snake Bite only lasts a minimum of 5.5 seconds, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm only lasts 4 seconds. All the other incendiary-type Abilities are not worth comparing since everyone else’s molly burns out faster than both Viper’s and Killjoy’s incendiary abilities.

The decently quick damage it deals towards enemies within its radius (60/second) makes Brimstone’s Incendiary one of the most damaging post-plant incendiary abilities in VALORANT.

Haven A-site: A-Default Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

A-Default remains one of the most common Spike plant spots on A-site Haven.

This spot is undeniably good for quick plants when your team does not prioritize post-plant play.

image 382

Haven’s A-Default is located at the stacked Radianite boxes in the middle of Haven A-site.

Unless you are playing with four other friends with whom you can coordinate strategies, you will usually be queued up with random players who plant the Spike at A-Default.

With this in mind, here is a post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineup for delaying the Spike defuse at A-Default.

  1. Look for this wheelbarrow just outside of A-Lobby:
image 375

2. Get on top of the wheelbarrow and tuck yourself in the corner:

image 376

3. Turn around and look for the second hanging lightbulb from the left:

1 12
image 377

4. Aim for the middle of the second lightbulb from the left:

image 378

5. Fire Brimstone’s Molly:

image 380

Brimstone’s Incendiary should bounce off of the Sewers roof and land on A-Default with no problems:

image 381

Haven A-site: A-Long + A-Sewer Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

A less common Spike plant spot, but a great one.

image 383

The rightmost wall of Haven’s A-site is a less common spot for Spike plants because it leaves planters open while planting.

However, this spot is awesome for post-plant play since it provides direct vision of the Spike from A-Long and A-Sewer.

Here is a post-plant Incendiary lineup for A-site right wall on Haven.

Tip: Make sure you ask your teammate to plant the Spike in this spot to accommodate your post-plant Incendiary Lineup.

  1. Go to the same corner on top of the wheelbarrow outside A-Lobby:
image 384

2. Look for this corner of the tower’s roof:

2 13
3 11

3. For default keybind players, place the lower right tip of the letter “Q” on the tip of the roof:

4 12

4. Fire Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 385

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Incendiary should land on the Spike at the A-site right wall:

image 386

Haven A-site: A-Heaven Site-Entry Incendiary Lineup

Here are a few helpful site entry molly lineups to clear out A-Heaven and Behind Default.

image 387

A-Heaven is another common spot that Defenders use to Defend Haven’s A-site.

Thanks to its high-ground position, the window at A-Heaven is a fantastic spot for holding A-Main/A-Entrance,

You can save on a Brimstone Sky Smoke for A-Heaven if you use this Incendiary Lineup for A-Heaven.

  1. Go to the same wheelbarrow corner just outside of A-Lobby:
image 388

2. Turn around and look towards the leaves with the yellow flowers.

image 389

3. It is a little hard to see, but place your crosshair in the middle of this small flower:

5 11
6 7
image 390

4. Fire Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 391

When done correctly, the Incendiary grenade should land inside A-Heaven:

image 392

Haven A-site: Behind A-Default Site-Entry Incendiary Lineup

Behind Default is a common Defender holding spot on Haven A-site.

image 397

Behind Default is a decent defensive on-site spot that Defenders can use to periodically check both A-Main/Orb and Sewers – the only two entryways into Haven A-site.

Upon site entry, you will generally want to smoke out A-Heaven to reduce the number of angles you have to check when entering A-site.

As a follow-up, fire this site-entry Incendiary Lineup for Behind Default to clear any Defenders lurking around that area.

  1. Get on top of the same wheelbarrow outside of A-Lobby as the previous lineups:
image 393

2. Turn around and look for the leaves with the yellow flowers on top of this wall:

7 8

3. Aim for this small flower:

8 7
image 394

4. Fire Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 395

The Incendiary grenade should bounce off of the Heaven window and land Behind A-Default when done correctly.

image 396

Haven B-site: Open Plant Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

The Haven B-site Open plant is one of the better options for B-site plant spots on Haven.

image 402

Haven B-site is unique because there is only one way to enter the bomb site.

For A-site, players can take the A-Long or A-Sewer route. For C-site, C-Long and Garage are the fastest lanes to C-site.

Haven B-site’s layout will make it difficult for Attackers to play post-plant. Knowing this, an open plant along the B-site entrance might be the way to go for Attackers.

This Brimstone Incendiary Lineup can help with post-plant Defense.

  1. Stand in this corner at Attacker Spawn:
image 398

2. Turn around and look towards the B-site building’s roof:

image 399

3. Place the left tip of the Incendiary Icon on the leftmost corner of the topmost roofline:

9 6
10 6

4. Fire the Incendiary grenade:

image 400

The Incendiary should land at the open plant spot on B-site when done correctly.

image 401

Haven C-site: C-Default Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

A simple molly lineup for the go-to plant spot on Haven C-site.

image 408

Like A-Default, C-site’s Default spot provides a quick and easy plant spot if your team decides to play on-site and forgo any advanced post-plant strategy.

The C-Default spot is not a bad spot by any means, but if your team is pushed out of C-site by the Defenders, you might have no choice but to play from C-Long.

Unfortunately, with the Spike planted at C-Default, players in C-Long will not have a direct sightline towards the C-Default area.

To remedy this, use this post-plant Incendiary Lineup to help delay the bomb defuse.

  1. Stand in this corner at C-Long:
image 403

2. Turn around and look for the towering landforms in the background:

image 404

3. Place the left tip of the Incendiary Icon in this corner on the landforms:

11 5
12 5

4. Fire Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 405

When done correctly, the Incendiary grenade should cover the entire C-Default area:

image 406

Haven C-site: Backsite Double Box Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

The corner between the back wall and the stacked Radianite boxes used to be a “cheese” spot, but it is still a decent post-plant-focused spot for C-site.

image 409

A few patches ago, the corner between the C-site back wall and the stacked Radianite boxes sparked controversy within the VALORANT community.

When the Spike was planted a certain way in this corner at C-site, the defuser can only defuse the Spike while facing the wall – the defuse sequence would immediately cancel out if the defuser did as much as turn.

Riot has since fixed that exploit, leaving this spot as a less common plant spot for Haven’s C-site. Despite the fix, this spot is still a decent Spike plant spot for post-plant play from C-Long.

Here is a post-plant Incendiary lineup to ensure the Defenders can not defuse the bomb without a fight.

  1. Stand in the same corner at C-Long as the previous lineup:
image 410

2. Turn around and look for the leftmost protruding landforms:

13 5

3. Place the right tip of the left HP HUD line on this corner of the protruding landforms:

14 4
image 411

4. Fire Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 412

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Incendiary should cover the Backsite Double Radianite Boxes perfectly.

image 413

Haven C-site: Open Plant for C-Long Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

The spot between the platform and the Radianite container van in the middle of Haven’s C-site is another great Spike plant spot for C-Long.

image 417

Coordinating with your teammates regarding Spike plant spots can increase your chances of winning most rounds in VALORANT

Unfortunately, despite the myriad of communication options available in VALORANT, overall communication is still very unreliable, especially if you’re queued up with randoms. – this is the main reason why Default plants are so common on most maps in VALORANT

If you can ask your teammate to plant in the space between C-Platform and C-Default, your team will have a much easier time playing post-plant from just about anywhere around C-site.

Here is a quick Brimstone Incendiary lineup to delay the Spike defuse.

  1. Stand in the same corner at C-Long as the last two lineups:
image 414

2. Look for the leftmost group of protruding landforms:

15 2

3. Place the left tip of the Stim Beacon charge indicator on the upper left corner of this landform:

16 1

4. Fire Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 415

When done correctly, the Incendiary grenade should land in the space between C-Platform and C-Default:

image 416

Rainfire on Haven

The buffs given to Brimstone in the Patch 4.04 update are enough to help him gain more relevance in most team compositions moving forward.

Thanks to his recent buff, Brimstone will be a more viable Agent pick around Haven. His Sky Cloud and upgraded Stim Beacon are valuable Abilities that can help him gain more team presence in both the Attacking and Defending sides.

Brimstone’s Incendiary Ability has one of the longest duration of any molly-type Ability in VALORANT, which can help delay the Defenders’ defuse on post-plant. While not entirely necessary, these post-plant Incendiary lineups are great around Haven. Take advantage of Brimstone’s Incendiary Ability to unlock his full potential on Haven.

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