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Locked and loaded, Brimstone’s newfound strength carries us to Split.

VALORANT: Brimstone Molly Lineups on Split (Post-plant)

Since the Patch 4.01 release, Brimstone has seen improved pick rates across every map in VALORANT. However, perhaps the most impressive metric that’s seen the most drastic improvement following the start of VALORANT Episode 4 is Brimstone’s improved win rate.

Brimstone used to sit in the bottom tier in both pick rate and win rate in VALORANT. Today, Brimstone is in the top four Agents with the best win rates since Patch 4.01, with a 50% win rate, according to Valorbuff.

Stim Beacon and Sky Smoke both received much-needed buffs to bring Brimstone in line with the current meta, making him a more attractive Controller pick-up for just about any team composition.

However, this article will discuss post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineups on Split – one of Brimstone’s best maps – to complement his improved Stim Beacon and Sky Smoke.

Brimstone Incendiary

Brimstone’s Incendiary is one of the most powerful Incendiary-type Ability for stalling Spike-defuses and enemy rushes in VALORANT.

Like all other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT, such as Viper’s Snake Bite and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, and KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, Brimstone’s Incendiary has a standard radius of 5 meters. It is decently priced at 250 Credits and has a decent Equip Time of 1.1 seconds.

What sets Brimstone’s Incendiary apart from every other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT is the ridiculous 7-second (minimum) duration. In a fast-paced game such as VALORANT, where every single second counts, Brimstone’s Incendiary is an insanely powerful stalling tool for both the Attacking and Defending sides. 

For comparison, Viper’s Snake Bite only lasts a minimum of 5.5 seconds, and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm only lasts 4 seconds. All the other incendiary-type Abilities are not worth comparing since everyone else’s molly burns out faster than Viper’s and Killjoy’s incendiary abilities.

The decently quick damage it deals towards enemies within its radius (60/second) makes Brimstone’s Incendiary one of the most damaging post-plant incendiary abilities in VALORANT.

Split A-site Default Post-plant Molly Lineup (A-Lobby)

A-Default can be difficult to defend post-plant when the Defending team gains control of the bomb site.

Like all the other Default plant spots around VALORANT maps, Split’s A-Default plant spot offers the fastest and safest plant spot upon site entry.

However, that’s the only positive thing about Default plants – getting the Spike down.

In situations when the Defending team gains control of the bomb site, it will be difficult to defend the Default-planted Spike because of how secluded it is from a majority of post-plant positions such as A-Tower, A-Main, and A-Screen.

If you ever find yourself in a pinch, here’s a simple post-plant Brimstone Molly Lineup for A-Default. Brimstone’s Incendiary has a 7-second duration, which should give your team enough time to delay the Spike defuse.

  1. Look for these plant boxes at A-Lobby:

2. Get on top of the first plant box:

3. Look up towards the tall “A” tower. Place the dot of the Incendiary Icon on the upper right corner of the tip of the “A” tower:

4. Fire Brimstone’s Molly:

When done correctly, the Molly Grenade should land at A-Default:

Split A-site Default Post-plant Molly Lineup (A-Tower)

A-Tower is one of the more common post-plant spots that Attackers will have control of.

While playing post-plant from A-Tower, you will quickly realize what a big mistake planting the Spike at A-Default was. A-Default is completely blocked off from A-Tower, making it impossible to defend the Spike from this spot.

To defend the Spike from the Defending team, you will have to risk life and limb to push out towards A-Default, where a couple of Defenders might already be waiting for you.

This Brimstone Molly lineup should be able to buy your team just enough time to delay the Spike defuse and force the Defenders to come out and engage you in a firefight in the meantime.

  1. From A-Tower, look for the Crown Coffee signage:

2. Walk towards the left of the A-Tower window until just the rightmost tip of the signage is visible:

3. Crouch and place your crosshair at the rightmost tip of the signage:

4. Fire Brimstone’s Molly:

When done correctly, the Brimstone Molly should bounce off the signage and land at A-Default:

Split A-site Best Plant Spot Post-plant Molly Lineup (A-Tower)

Please plant the Spike here for the best post-plant experience.

VALORANT is, first and foremost, a team game, and a team game requires constant communication so that everyone on the team functions at the same frequency.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, excellent in-game communication can be impossible most of the time.

This is mainly why Default plants are so prevalent in VALORANT matches – Default plant spots give planters the cover they need so they won’t have to rely on teammates to cover for them while they’re in the process of planting the Spike.

However, if you’re somehow able to have a teammate commit to covering you while you plant at the most optimal post-plant spot, you’re better off planting at the Best Plant Spots available for every map. 

Check out how easy it is to peek at the Spike post-plant when planted at the Best Plant Spot for A-site on Split. Here’s a Brimstone post-plant molly for good measure.

  1. From A-Tower, look towards the tall plant box beside the tall tower’s base:

2. Aim for the upper left corner of the plant box:

3. FireBBrimstone’s Molly:

It is easier to dry peek towards the Spike, but the post-plant Molly lineup needed to help delay the Spike defuse is also much more straightforward and straightforward – Open plants, FTW!

Split A-site Best Plant Spot Post-plant Molly Lineup (A-Main)

Several post-plant positions have direct sightlines towards the Spike when planted in the open.

You might end up at the A-Main area on post-plant, so here’s a quick post-plant Molly lineup from A-Main.

  1. Stand towards the left corner of A-Main:

2. Aim along the gray area of the”””” tower base:

3. FireBBrimstone’s Molly:

Split B-site Open Plant Spot Post-plant Molly Lineup (B-Tower)

Post-plant from B-Tower should be a cinch with this post-plant Molly lineup.

The B-site Open Plant spot should be easy to defend from B-Tower. You should have the advantage here if the enemy tries to duel you since your head is only barely visible from B-Tower.

Brimstone’s post-plant Molly lineup is extra easy to line up from B-Tower, so you can delay the Spike defuse further.

  1. Get inside B-Tower:

2. Stand close to the left side of the B-Ropes area:

3. Aim for the bottom right corner of this green canopy:

4. FireBBrimstone’s Molly:

When done correctly, the Molly grenade should land at the open plant spot with no problems:

Split B-site Open Plant Spot Post-plant Molly Lineup (B-Alley)

Quick and easy post-plant Molly from B-Alley. (See what we did there)

Depending on where you and your teammates end up post-plant, defending the Spike post-plant will be much easier when you have a Molly lineup that you can use from just about anywhere on B-site.

In this case, here’s an easy post-plant lineup for the open plant spot on B-site.

  1. Stand inside B-Alley:

2. Move left or right until the gap towards B-site itself is just barely visible:

3. Aim for the tip of this triangle marking on the wall:

4. FireBBrimstone’s Molly:

When done properly, the Molly grenade should land at the open plant spot without any problems:

Split B-site Default Plant Post-plant Molly Lineup (B-Tower)

Can’t push out to defend B-Default from the defusers? Here’s a Molly lineup for that.

A B-Default plant is almost impossible to defend from B-Tower in situations where the enemy team has successfully retaken the B-bombsite. In these situations, you will have to push onto the site to stop the defuser.

Here’s an alternative post-plant Molly lineup from B-Tower.

  1. Stand inside B-Tower:

2. Walk to the left until the red B-Alley signage is visible:

3. Aim for the bottom left corner of the leftmost part of the signage:

4. FireBBrimstone’s Molly:

The Molly grenade should eventually land at B-Default.

Split B-site Default Plant Post-plant Molly Lineup (B-Alley)

Defending the Spike is even more difficult from B-Alley.

B-Alley is a chokepoint that the Defenders can use against you on post-plant. It is impossible to see the Spike directly because of how the B-Alley area is angled from B-Default.

As Brimstone, all you can do is delay the Spike defuse for seven seconds through this post-plant Molly lineup from B-Alley.

  1. Stand inside B-Alley:

2. Move left or right until only the B-Default box is visible through the small gap:

3. Aim along the upper middle part of the B-Default box:

4. FireBBrimstone’s Molly:

You’ll know when you’ve done the lineup correctly, as the grenade should explode on top of the Default box and spill down and around the B-Default area:

Brimstone’s Resurgence

Brimstone only has one molly charge every round. Since the Incendiary has the longest duration for a single molly ability in VALORANT, it might be best to save Brimstone’s molly for post-plant to delay the Spike defuse.

Traditional over-the-sky lineups might be impossible on Split because of its cramped skybox. You can, however, use the nifty bounce feature of most molly abilities in VALORANT to create direct and easy lineups for just about every spot on the map.

So, there we have it! Knowing where to aim Brimstone’s Incendiary ability can help you maximize the coverage of your post-plant molly. Use them to level up your post-plant game!

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