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When the Electro nation Inazuma arrived in Genshin Impact, weapons that were themed to this new area were also added. These are the Inazuma signature weapons under the Amethyst series. Players can get these weapons for free if they have the required items to forge them.

How to Get the Katsuragikiri Nagamasain Genshin Impact

One of these weapons is a claymore called the Katsuragikiri Nagamasain, a heavy and tough claymore made in Inazuma. It looks like a giant katana with an Electro sigil that lights purple by its hilt, making it aesthetically perfect for Electro characters who use a large two-handed sword.

However, the Katsuragikiri Nagamasain is not readily available when unlocking the Electro nation. There are a few tasks to complete and areas to open to get this Inazuma claymore.

Pre-requisite quests and locations

Given that this weapon is tied to the lore of Inazuma, the forging blueprint needed to master the art of crafting it can be found inside the nation’s largest weapon smelting facility. The said facility is Tatarasuna in the island region called Kannazuka.

When you unlock Inazuma, you will not be able to immediately enter Tatarasuna because there will be a containment dome over the weapon-making facility to prevent the corrupted Tatarigami energy from leaking out.

To lift this containment dome and enter Tatarasuna, you need to start the world quest series named Tatara Tales. You can trigger this quest series by going to the Kujou Encampment and listening to the argument of a shrine maiden and a Tenryou Commission soldier about Tatarasuna.

Please see PlayerAssist’s Genshin Impact: Tatara Tales Quest Guide to know more about the needed world quest series.

Also, do take note that if you decide to enter Tatarasuna without completing the Tatara Tales world quest series, Balethunder or high Electro energy concentration will still affect the entire cave, and your active character will gradually lose HP.

Chamber Location

The arsenal where you can find the forging blueprint for the Katsuragikiri Nagamasain is in the southern part of Tatarasuna.

The easiest way to get there is to teleport to the waypoint south of Tatarasuna that is on top of the cliff and then glide down to the facility’s floor.

The door to the chamber is near a Thunder Sakura Bough and a Thunderwood.

Required Items: Key to Some Place

The arsenal that you need to get into is locked by a metal gate, and it requires three keys to open it.

These keys are found inside chests spread around Tatarasuna and are called “Key to Some Place.”

Chest 1: Key to Some Place 1

The first ordinary chest where the key is kept is on a wooden platform with a broken bridge that is supposed to connect the platform to the center area where the Mikage Furnace is situated.

The easiest way to get here is, again, via the southern Teleport Waypoint of Tatarasuna, as it will get you to the highest point of the area.

From the Teleport Waypoint, walk down towards the center of the facility and then glide down the wooden platform.

Chest 2: Key to Some Place 2

The next treasure chest that holds the other Key to Some Place can be found in the northern part of Tatarasuna, where a large smelting furnace can be located.

The chimney of this furnace is big enough to look like a brick tower with two upper levels.

The treasure chest that you need to open is on the second level of the chimney and can be accessed through the opening on the side.

However, a Thunder Barrier will be preventing you from getting inside; thus you need to summon and Electrogranum from the Thunder Sakura Bough on the higher level to pass through the barrier.

Chest 3: Key to Some Place 3

This last common treasure chest is the easiest to locate and very easy to miss.

It is on the roof of one of the houses around the Mikage Furnace. The house is the one with two floors and is near the Thunder Sakura Bough.

Opening the Arsenal Gate

Once you have collected all three Keys to Some Place, head back down to the locked chamber and use the keys to open it.

When you get inside, you will be greeted with three Ruin Sentinels that will aggressively attack you. Finish them off first so that you can collect the special items found in this weaponry.

Inside the arsenal, you will find a little campsite with an iron stove and a Luxurious Chest. Open this chest to get the treasures inside, including the forging blueprint for crafting the Katsuragikiri Nagamasain claymore, and then unlock a hidden achievement titled““Blade of Tatar”.”

Besides the treasure inside the Luxurious Chests, you also get an Enigmatic Page and an Electroculus inside this chamber.

Crafting the Katsuragikiri Nagamasain

Now that you have the blueprint for this Inazuma-themed claymore, you can use it to have the option to craft the weapon when you visit the smithies in all cities.

To craft the Katsuragikiri Nagamasain, you need some crafting materials aside from the crafting blueprint of this Amethyst Series weapon.

You will need a Northlander Claymore Billet, 50 Amethyst Lumps, and 50 White Iron Chunks.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasain Weapon Stats

The Katsuragikiri Nagamasain claymore will give up to 510 Base ATK and energy recharge of up to 45.9%.

Its passive bonus is increasing the damage of the elemental skill of the weapon wielder. And whenever that character hits an opponent with an elemental skill, they will lose 3 energy points but will then regenerate a certain amount of energy every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

This effect is great for characters with elemental bursts with high energy requirements and those who need their burst talents to be up.

Character to Use this Weapon

This claymore is best for characters whose play style is focused on spamming elemental burst talents, just like Beidou and Sayu. It also works well with the 4-piece set of the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact.

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