VALORANT: Brimstone Smokes on Pearl (Defending)


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The best offense is a great defense.

VALORANT: Brimstone Smokes on Pearl (Defending)

Brimstone is, without a doubt, one of the better Agents to pick on Pearl. While the VALORANT Commander’s ability to lay down three clouds of smoke simultaneously on the map can be very powerful, his other abilities make him a well-rounded Agent on both the Attacking and Defending sides.

Brimstone’s Stim Beacon, Incendiary Grenade, and his powerful Ultimate Ability in Orbital Strike work best when set up with Brimstone’s Sky Smoke. On the defending side, Brimstone can focus his efforts on stalling and punishing Attackers rushing into his bombsite.

Brimstone’s Sky Smoke has pretty limited range when you think about it, but on a map such as Pearl that features a Middle lane, Brimstone’s three Sky Smoke charges have just enough range to cover spots around these areas to help with his team’s defensive efforts and secure contested spots around the map.

Learn how to best use Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability for the Defending side on Pearl with the help of this guide.

Brimstone Smoke on Pearl A-site Defending

A-Main is the only direct entryway into A-site on Pearl. The entryway is also just wide enough to be covered entirely by one charge of Brimstone’s smoke.

As soon as the Attackers start running towards A-site, drop the smoke and pick your favorite spot on A-site. However, don’t make the mistake of laying down Brimstone’s Smoke as soon as the barriers drop at Round Start. Instead, listen for sound cues that could give you information regarding how many players are currently hanging around A-Main. You can even follow up with Brimstone’s powerful molly to punish daring Attackers.

Foil the Attacking team’s A-site take with a well-timed Brimstone Smoke on the A-site Entrance.

image 332
image 333

Brimstone Smoke on Pearl A-Main Defending Aggressive

If you’re looking to play aggressive defense on A-site, you can set up two smoke charges along the A-Main area to block the enemy’s vision towards the Ultimate Orb.

From here, you can easily pick off any Attacker that decides to push through your smokes. Use your Stim Beacon to get the upper hand in the gunfight or to retreat when things get too spicy.

image 334
image 337

Brimstone Smoke on Pearl Middle Defending

By standing inside A-Art, you can easily place smokes on both the A-site entrance and Top Middle. Middle is arguably the best lane for Brimstone on Pearl, as he can block the Attacking team’s sightlines towards Middle with simple smoke placements on Top Middle and Middle Shops.

Alternatively, you can commit to playing middle as Brimstone and leave A-site in the care of your teammates if they’re playing Sage, Cypher, or other Controllers.

When playing Middle, simply smoke off Top Middle and the Mid Shops Entrance to curb the Attacking team’s chances of gaining Middle control.

image 329
image 330

Brimstone Smoke on Pearl B-site Defending

B-Main is long and wide, which means other Controller Agents such as Omen must throw all their smoke charges towards the area to block the enemy team’s vision towards B-site.

Brimstone also holds the advantage here, and with three smoke charges to work with, he can easily cover B-Main and still have another smoke charge to use for B-Link or B-Screens when needed.

In addition, you can push up towards the small cubby at B-Main and take an aggressive position versus the Attacking team from here.

image 325
image 326

Defensive Brimstone Smoke on Pearl B-site Defending

Another great Brimstone Smoke setup you can try on Pearl B-site while defending are these double smokes at B-Screen.

Since the Attackers will be pushed up deep inside B-Main, your teammates can easily flank them from Mid Shops if you’re looking to play aggressively. This works best for rounds where you have a good idea that the enemy team will try and rush (Eco round). These smokes will completely block off the Attacking team’s vision towards B-site, making B-site entry a risky proposition.

image 327
image 328

Hold the Fort

The Brimstone Smoke setups featured above should help deter the Attacking team from rushing into your bombsite on Pearl and help give you and your teammates time to rotate as needed around the map. Brimstone’s smoke setups are more than just a stalling tool, so it might be best to use the time you gain by stopping the enemy team’s rush to set up a pincer Attack with your teammates.

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