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Three new Battle Pass Skin collections have arrived for Episode 6 Act 1.

VALORANT: Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass Rewards

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 is live and with it comes a new Battle Pass full of exciting skins, Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Player Cards to celebrate the New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Lunar New Year.

Riot Games has thrown in not one, or two, but three unique weapon aesthetics for the Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass. Along with the new collections come 10 Gun Buddies, 14 Sprays, and 13 new Player Cards that players can unlock and acquire by progressing through the VALORANT Battle Pass.

We have listed all the rewards for VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 in this guide.

What’s new for Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass?

Episode 6 Act 1 brings in three brand new skin collections – Gridcrash, Venturi, and 9 Lives, plus numerous Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Player Cards.

There are a lot of rewards in store for players who opt to purchase the Premium Battle Pass. Check out the rewards list below.

Gridcrash Weapon Skins

The Gridcrash skin collection sports an awesome 80’s Vaporwave-inspired aesthetic, complete with neon colors and aesthetics ala Cyberpunk 2077.

The skin collection covers the Bulldog, Ghost, Judge, and Stinger.

image 121
image 138
image 139
image 141

Venturi Weapon Skins

F1 fans can now show off their love for the fastest sport on earth with the Venturi Collection – an F1-inspired skin collection for the Frenzy, Marshall, Spectre, Vandal, and knife.

image 117
image 135
image 136
image 137
image 166

9 Lives Weapon Skins

The 9 Lives Weapon Skin collection is a series of Chibi-Neko-themed cosmetics for the Classic, Ares, Guardian, and Phantom. There are four colorways to choose from and each one features Jett, Reyna, Raze, and Viper’ on the cosmetic. ‘s signature colors on the weapon cosmetic.

image 133
image 132
image 131
image 114

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 Gun Buddies

Who can forget Gun Buddies? For Episode 6 Act 1, players can collect up to 10 new Gun Buddies, featuring various styles and designs as well as Gridcrash, Venturi, and 9 Lives-themed buddies.

  • Big Announcement
image 125
  • Electric Love
image 127
  • Episode 6 Coin
image 122
  • New Year’s Knot
image 124
  • Peace and Love
image 126
  • Stringed Soprano
image 128
  • Frozen Solid
image 129
  • Venturi
image 123
  • Folded Wish
image 134
  • Folded Wish (Epilogue)
image 130

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 Sprays

There are 14 unique Sprays that players can collect from the Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass. Among the 14 Sprays are three Sprays that feature the same Gridcrash, Venturi, and 9 Lives-themed designs.

  • Definitely Not Worth It
image 147
  • Dream Team Spray
image 158
  • Drop Skin Please
image 154
  • Good Fortune
image 165
  • Gridcrash
image 119
  • Last Person Standing
image 145
  • Network Error
image 146
  • No Bullets
image 118
  • No Worries Neon
image 143
  • Oh No
image 150
  • Oh Yes
image 149
  • Shock Heart
image 156
  • Perfectly Roasted (Animated)
image 160
  • Who’s That Blind
image 159
  • 9 Lives (Random Agent)
image 153

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 Player Cards

It’s time to change out your current Player Card with one of 13 new Player Cards from the Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass. Check out the images below to get a closer look at the new designs featured in the current Battle Pass.

  • Scars That Bond
image 155
  • Tight Knit
image 162
  • Ultimate Collector
image 120
  • Venturi
image 144
  • Field Command
image 164
  • 9 Lives
image 116
  • Cat and Mouse
image 157
  • Gridcrash
image 151
  • Late Night Snack
image 152
  • Moonlit Chase
image 142
  • PlayZilla Dan
image 148
  • Rift Rider
image 161
  • Ultimate Collector (Epilogue)
image 163

How much is VALORANT’s Battle Pass?

VALORANT’s Battle Pass costs 1,000 VALORANT Points or $10. Purchasing the VALORANT Battle Pass will unlock the Premium Track, which features more worthwhile skins and cosmetics.

However, if you don’t feel like spending any money in-game, you can just settle on the Free Track, which offers various yet less valuable rewards.

Is the current VALORANT Battle Pass worth it?

The current VALORANT Battle Pass is definitely worth the $10 you’ll pay or have paid for it.

Depending on the tier, VALORANT Skins can cost more than $10 when bought individually through the in-game shop. If you’re looking to buy an entire bundle, prepare to spend up to $100 dollars of your hard-earned cash. With that in mind, the current Premium VALORANT Battle Pass is definitely worth it, as you’re getting three very attractive Weapon Skin collections.

Love or hate it, the Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass features a great collection of Weapon Skins and other in-game Cosmetics. The addition of three new Weapon Skin Collections in Gridcrash, Venturi, and 9 Lives will surely give players a reason to grind and progress through the VALORANT Battle Pass.

New Episode New Rewards

Episode 6 Act 1 marks the beginning of another year of exciting matches, lore, and in-game cosmetics for VALORANT. The Episode 6 Act 1 Battle Pass kicks things off with a mouth-watering set of Weapon cosmetics as well as a collection of other in-game cosmetics such as Gun Buddies, Player Cards, and more.

Players have a ton of time to progress through the VALORANT Battle Pass, as Act 1 will be around for about two months before the next Act arrives later in the year. For now, grind as many games as you can and make sure you collect all the possible rewards from the current Battle Pass.

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