How To Get Rid of Chat in Valorant


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Getting rid of chat in Valorant is very easy.

How To Get Rid of Chat in Valorant

Valorant’s competitive nature puts a lot of players on edge mentally and emotionally and often leaves players malding or in rage. For some players, the extreme frustration unlocks the ability to type 200 words per minute through the in-game chat box, which they will then use to type in various profanities found in Valorant’s Muted Words List.

Valorant is a highly-strung game where one player can easily bring his team down through negative behavior. As such, getting rid of chat and muting other players is essential in keeping your sanity while playing Valorant.

This quick guide will show you how to eliminate chat in Valorant.

What is Chat in Valorant?

Comms in Valorant is any form of in-game chat that you can use to communicate with other players in-game, with the most common type being Text Chat.

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The Text Chat allows for communication with teammates via the in-game text box. You can communicate with other players in your team and players from other teams through Text Chat. There are three types of Text Chat in Valorant: Team Chat, All Chat, and Whisper Chat.

Team Chat is the default text chat mode when you bring up the text box in-game, where you can send messages to your teammates. On the other hand, All Chat displays text chats to everyone in the current lobby or match, allowing you to communicate with the other team. Lastly, Whisper Chat is a private player-to-player message that can be sent to specific players in your Friends List.

How to get rid of Chat in Valorant

You can eliminate chat in Valorant by disabling communications for specific players through the pause menu. Note that you’ll have to do this manually for every match you play since there is currently no way to disable text chat permanently through the settings menu.

  1. While in a match, press the ESC key on your keyboard to bring up the pause menu.
Get rid of chat through the match tab in the pause menu.

2. Under the Match tab, look for the ‘Allow Communications‘ section.

Uncheck the Text Chat option to get rid of chat for specific players.

3. Under ‘Allow Communications, ‘ UNCHECK the players you want to disable text chat.

Uncheck the Text Chat option to get rid of chat for specific players.

If you want to turn off all Text Chat from the enemy team, CHECK the Mute All Enemy Text Chat option.

You can get rid of enemy team chat by checking the mute all enemy text chat option.

Should you get rid of chat?

Chat is very important in Valorant as it allows you to send messages to your teammates to alert them of enemy positions and other strategic calls in a match. Turning off Chat (whether text or voice) in Valorant will make it very difficult to play with your teammates and put you out of sync with the team’s objectives.

You generally want to have Chat on at all times, but there are instances where turning off Chat completely brings more good than harm. Situations where getting rid of chat in Valorant makes sense is when a teammate is being disruptive and disrespectful. Muting these players will allow you to play your game and not worry about a teammate flaming you for making the wrong plays.

How do I change from Team Chat to All Chat in Valorant?

Team Chat is the default Text Chat mode in Valorant. When you press the ENTER button on your keyboard, you will automatically be placed in a Team Chat box where you can send messages to teammates.

A gameplay still from Overwatch 2

You can use All Chat by pressing and holding SHIFT and following it up with ENTER. This button combination will bring up the text box in All Chat mode and allow you to send messages to everyone in the match – including your enemies.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, you cannot hand-pick your teammates in Valorant unless you play in a five-stack. As such, you will often be placed in a queue with random players with varying personalities. Some players will commend you for trying, while others will talk you down to death for trivial things such as failing to drop a weapon for them at round start.

Whatever the case, learning how to get rid of chat in Valorant will help control any negative chat that may come your way. Refer to the guide above to learn how to eliminate chat in Valorant.

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