Valorant Knife Damage : How much damage does a knife melee do


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Knives are a staple of tactical shooters. Naturally, they make and appearance in Valorant as well. There’s an old saying that you should never bring a knife to a gunfight, but whoever said it first certainly didn’t predict video games, because knives are extremely useful in gunfights there.

Valorant Knife Damage : How much damage does a knife melee do

Let’s explore how to unlock your trusty blade in Valorant and make the most out of your melee engagements. There’s more to it than just moving faster when equipping the knife, so read the whole piece!

Best agents to knife with while playing Valorant

Needless to say, the knife is an extremely short-ranged weapon. It deals damage only to enemies that are directly next to you. So far, so good! However, Valorant isn’t a game where distances don’t matter. Small gaps can be closed fast and a quick knife to the face can win you the round, maybe even the game. How can you close that gap?

Quick operators are best suited for this task. Jett is a natural choice for aggressive use of your knife. Her ability to dash forward with her powers can lead to very aggressive plays. Another great agent to rush with has to be Phoenix, the fiery Brit that uses fire to heal himself and cover up his rushes. On top of that, his ultimate ability makes it possible to create a complete clone of yourself, which can use all abilities and weapons you have, including the knife.

Despite that, all Valorant agents can use the knife to their advantage, especially as a last-ditch effort weapon during times when you don’t have time to reload.

Damaging your opponents with Valorant’s knife

The weaker attack of the knife does 50 damage points while the heavy attack takes 75. Without armor, agents have 100. You can add 50 additional points by purchasing shields. The light shield gives you 25 additional points while the heavy gives you 50. Meaning that you wouldn’t be able to kill full-health operators when stabbing them in the face.

But there’s also backstabbing. If you manage to backstab your opponents, that’s instant death. Players familiar with Team Fortress 2’s Spy will feel right at home with this mechanic. Valorant’s very own sneaky agents, such as Cipher, will be able to use stealth tactics to backstab their opponents. It’s instant death, no matter the enemy’s health or shield points at the time. Most of the time, backstabs are aimed at an enemy that lost its way or didn’t notice you.

Knifing from front damage :

  • Left-click does 50 damage.
  • Right-click does 75 damage.

Back or side knife damage :

  • Left-click does 100 damage
  • Right-click does 150 damage

That certainly doesn’t make them any less satisfying, but don’t expect a Dark Souls experience of backstabs and parries. Valorant is still a tactical shooter first and foremost.

Knives are fun, but they aren’t Valorant’s strong suit

The main objective of Valorant is always to have fun, so knock yourself out when using knives. Just remember the insane risk it carries and the fact your performance affects the fun of other players. Don’t be selfish and use your knife at the appropriate times.

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