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Too many angles and too few smokes.

VALORANT: Lotus Smokes Guide

VALORANT players know how difficult it is to play a triple bombsite map. Experience from playing on Haven will tell players and teams to make it a point to pick up Agents with smoke abilities to aid with Attacking and Defending on Lotus.

With that in mind, we have listed the essential smokes for both Attacking and Defending on Lotus, so you can help your team easily take control of the most important spots on Lotus.

Lotus A-site Smokes

Lotus A-site Attacking Smoke

Lotus A-site is arguably the most challenging lane to contest as an Attacker on A-site Lotus. The A-Main lane leading towards A-site is long, exposing the Attacking team to defenders holding spots such as A-Stairs and A-Door for quite some time before they can get to A-site.

Smoking off A-Stairs is a must if you want to cross A-Main safely. After which, you or your teammates can smoke off A-Top and A-Drop to secure A-site.

Lotus A-site Defending Smoke

It is in the Defending team’s best interest to defend A-Main as best they can to deny access to A-Link, A-Door, and A-site.

As such, it is best to smoke off A-Root right at round start and force the Attacking team to push through the smoke, making them easy targets for you and your teammates.

If the Attacking team does not opt to push through your A-Root smoke, you and your teammates can reposition to spots such as A-Rubble to catch the Attacking team off guard.

You can also play defensively on A-site if you wish to, but this will give the Attackers access to A-Link, which they can then use to overwhelm your teammates on B-site.

Nevertheless, you can make A-site defense more manageable by smoking off the A-site entrance and the A-Door area.

Lotus B-site Smokes

Lotus B-site Attacking Smoke

B-site on Lotus will be a fast-paced and action-packed area on the map, thanks to the short lanes leading toward B-site.

Smoking off C-Link and B-Upper for the Attacking team should instantly help with B-site entry. Smoking off C-Link and B-Upper will cut off vision towards B-site for the defending team rotating from either A-site or C-site on Lotus.

After smoking off these two spots, the Attacking team can move on to take control of A-Link and the rotating C-Door.

Lotus B-site Defending Smokes

A simple smoke at B-Pillars just before the Orb should do wonders for B-site Defense. Not only will this stop the Attacking team from rushing into B-Main, but it will also deny them the easy Orb at B-Pillars.

If you’re looking to play more passively on-site, you can smoke off the B-Main entrance to slow down the Attackers’ push through B-Main.

This smoke should also give your teammates enough time to rotate to B-site and help you with B-site Defense.

Lotus C-site Smokes

Lotus C-site Attacking Smokes

If you can push through C-Mound without too much trouble, smoke off C-Hall and C-Waterfall to deny the Defending team vision toward C-site.

The Defending team will have no choice but to push through the smoke to stop your Spike plant.

Lotus C-site Defending Smokes

Defenders playing C-site on Lotus have the immediate advantage right at the round start, as the Attacking team needs to push through C-Mound to get anywhere near C-site on Lotus.

With this in mind, a simple smoke by the tall box at C-Mound/C-Lobby should do wonders in defending C-site.

If you want to play more defensively on-site, smoke off the C-site entrance.

Smokes Made Easy

As complicated and nuanced a map as Lotus is, smoke placements on the triple-bombsite map are fairly simple.

Regardless of your team’s goals and needs for the round, you will find yourself smoking the same spots over multiple rounds when playing on Lotus.

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