GTA 5: Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Learn how to complete the Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill are British tourists looking to find and collect personal items from actors and musicians in Los Santos. During one of their souvenir hunts, they bump into Trevor, who they mistake for Jock Cranley.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill will ask Trevor to help look for celebrity souvenirs around town. After their meeting, Trevor will receive an e-mail listing all the locations of the souvenirs, the first souvenir being an item from a band member making their comeback at the Tequi-la-la nightclub.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie Synopsis

Trevor will find himself scouring the town for souvenirs after his quick meeting with Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill. His first task is to find a celebrity item from Willie, a member of the Love Fist band.

The band is staging a comeback gig at the Tequi-la-la nightclub, so Trevor heads to look for Willie.

As soon as Trevor arrives at the Tequi-la-la nightclub, he immediately spots Willie standing by the front of the stage talking to a girl.

Trevor approaches Willie and talks to him for a bit. Willie tells Trevor to leave him alone, prompting Trevor to start punching him in the face.

The pair quickly get into a short tussle, with Trevor getting the upper hand. The punches Trevor landed on Willie’s face, and their mouth caused his gold teeth to become detached from his mouth.

Trevor picks up the dislodged gold teeth and leaves the nightclub.

Someone from the nightclub had reported Trevor to the LSPD, forcing Trevor to leave the nightclub as soon as possible and hide from the police until the heat died down.

When the coast is clear, Trevor calls Nigel to tell him he has successfully retrieved a souvenir from Willie’s gold teeth, complete with his DNA. The news overjoys Nigel, and he tells Trevor he knew Trevor wouldn’t let them down.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Fist Fury: Take no damage during the fight with Willie
  • Entourage: Talk to the entourage.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie Mission Guide

Enter the Tequi-la-la nightclub and look for Willie’s entourage.

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The entourage can be found upstairs. Take a left turn from the main dance floor and follow the hallway to find the private rooms upstairs.

Stop by the door and wait for the short conversation between Trevor and one of the entourages to finish. This will complete the Entourage Gold Medal Objective. After which, head downstairs for the main event.

Willie will be standing by the stage next to a girl. Approach him and wait for the conversation between Willie and Trevor to finish.

2 24

Start beating up Willie after his conversation with Trevor ends. Do not stop punching to ensure Willie does not get the chance to retaliate. This will ensure you get the Fist Fury Gold Medal Objective.

3 19

Pick up the gold teeth from Willie’s body and run outside as quickly as possible.

5 18

Run and hide from the LSPD.

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7 18

Comeback Cancelled

Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie is the first of many souvenir side missions that Trevor will do for Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

Completing this mission is unnecessary for 100% completion of the GTA 5 story mode, but if you do not want to leave any stones unturned, you must complete this mission in GTA 5.

The good news is that getting a Gold Medal in Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie is easy. Look for the entourage and talk to them first before you approach Willie.

This will get you the Entourage Gold Medal Objective. After which, head downstairs and beat up Willie. Pick up the gold teeth and run away from the cops to complete the mission.

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