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Crosshairs are onscreen indicators seen mostly in first-person shooter (FPS) games. Crosshairs are usually displayed as an adequately sized cross in the middle of the screen, hence its namesake.

VALORANT: How to Make A Circle Crosshair

Different games have employed variations of this basic crosshair type throughout the years. As FPS games have evolved, developers have continuously added additional game information indicators into the basic crosshair, such as movement, friendly fire, hit confirmation, etc.

In VALORANT, crosshairs are not extensively customizable in-game, unlike CSGO. CSGO with the Community Map “Crashz Crosshair Generator” offers more crosshair customizability. Players are stuck with whatever the VALORANT in-game settings have on offer.

Those who want a one-of-a-kind crosshair will have to get creative with the in-game settings to make the funky-looking crosshairs they would like to see.

One unique crosshair gaining popularity recently in VALORANT is the see-through Circle Crosshair. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve always wondered how to make this crosshair your own.

What Makes a Good Crosshair

More experienced players will tell you that crosshairs are purely a matter of preference. A player might play great with a certain crosshair, but the moment they switch over to another crosshair, they start playing like hot garbage.

Finding a good crosshair with the ideal shape, color, and size is important. Some crosshairs might look great in Icebox but feel unusable in a close-quarters combat map like Split. VALORANT features maps with elements and backgrounds that have varying color palettes.

There are certain guidelines that players might want to follow to find a crosshair that works for almost any situation.

A good crosshair:

  1. Should be visible against any color background/player ability.
  2. As much as possible, be big enough to easily keep track of chaotic situations but small enough to be precise even from a distance.
  3. Should not be distracting. (Dynamic crosshairs are great for players learning movement and firing errors. Once they understand when they are accurate versus when they are not, they should probably turn this off.) Dynamic crosshairs are not recommended as they add visual clutter to the middle of the screen.

Considering the guidelines above, the Circle Crosshair doesn’t seem very good because it is small and slim. Some players might have difficulty keeping track of this crosshair when Abilities and Agents are flying across the screen.

Raze flying across the map. Just usual VALORANT things.

Still, if you want to try this unique crosshair, the next section will teach you how to make your own Circle Crosshair.

How to make a Circle Crosshair

The Circle Crosshair is very easy to make in VALORANT. Let’s begin:

  1. On the VALORANT Home screen, click on the gear icon to open settings:

2. In the Settings Menu, click on Crosshair

3. Click on this drop-down menu:

4. Select “Create New Profile”:

5. The game will prompt you to name the newly made crosshair. We will name it “Circle.” You may name it however you wish.

6. Click on “Primary”:

7. Scroll down, and look for the “Outer Lines” section:

8. Turn Outer Lines to “Off”:

9. Scroll up a little, and look for the “Inner Lines” section:

10. Copy these settings and input them under the “Inner Lines” section:

Show Inner Lines: On

Inner Line Opacity: 1

Inner Line Length: 1

Inner Line Thickness: 4

Inner Line Offset: 2

Movement Error: Off

Movement Error Multiplier: 1

Firing Error: Off

Firing Error Multiplier: 1

You can change the color of the Circle Crosshair, or any crosshair, by scrolling to the top of the Crosshair>Primary page.

You now have a Circle Crosshair!

Make the Circle Crosshair More Visible

If you find that the Circle Crosshair is a tad too small for your liking but want the visibility advantage it offers, you might want to try out this alternative Squircle (Square+Circle) Crosshair.

Squircle, not Squirtle. Though they are of the same color…

This Squircle Crosshair is not as difficult to keep track of, unlike the previous crosshair, since it is thicker and larger than the Circle Crosshair. This might trigger some people with OCD, though, since it is neither a perfect circle nor a square, for that matter.

Simply change the Inner Line section values to:

Show Inner Lines: On

Inner Line Opacity: 1

Inner Line Length: 2

Inner Line Thickness: 8

Inner Line Offset: 3

Movement Error: Off

Movement Error Multiplier: 1

Firing Error: Off

Firing Error Multiplier: 1

Fire In The Hole

Where did my crosshair go?

The Circle Crosshair offers good precision and great visual confirmation of where your crosshair is on the enemy’s head. This is because the Circle crosshair is see-through or hollow in the middle. Players can simply place their enemy’s head inside the see-through gap and land headshots all day.

The Circle Crosshair is quite small, which makes it less distracting for players. The Circle Crosshair also offers reduced visual clutter in the middle of the screen, which helps players focus on the enemies, not their crosshairs. However, it might also be difficult to keep track of when the action is turned up to 10

As discussed before, crosshairs are a matter of preference. This Circle Crosshair may or may not work for you, but you should still try it. Who knows? It just might be your new main crosshair.

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