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Many things are looking to take your head off in DayZ. True to its survival genre roots, the game forces you to take care of your character so that they don’t fall from one of the many hazards in the game. There are a few metrics to keep track of while playing the game. Out of all of them, one of the most important to keep track of is your blood meter.

How To Replenish Your Blood Level In DayZ

Your character’s blood level is indicated by the teardrop-shaped icon on the bottom right of your screen – right next to your other health meters. Keep in mind that the blood meter is different from your health bar. As with other meters in the game, however, your character will die once this meter completely dwindles to the bottom, so it’s important to keep it high all the time.

Your blood level is responsible for dictating how fast your health regenerates. The higher your blood level is, the faster your health will regenerate if you get damaged.

What Causes Your Blood To Run Out?

A few ways your blood levels will begin to deplete in DayZ. One is through injury. These include zombie attacks, gunshot wounds, and other attacks on your character. The heavier the damage you take, the more blood you’ll lose. Blood loss from injuries is indicated by dripping blood on your character. This is very easy to spot.

Another way you begin to lose blood in the game is through dehydration and starvation. Your blood will deplete if your thirst and hunger levels start going yellow. This is why ensuring you always have food and drinks in your inventory is important. Make sure that this is your primary focus at the start of the game, as these are vital items for your survival early on.

Last but not least, hypothermia will also cause your blood levels to go down. The cooler it gets, the faster your blood level will drop.

How To Replenish Blood Levels

There are a few ways to replenish your blood levels, and it depends on how you acquired the problem in the first place. If your blood levels drop because of an injury, you can use gauze or a splint to stop your character from bleeding. Minor injuries require only a little gauze to prevent the blood levels from dropping again.

If you’re hungry, thirsty, or cold, eat or change your clothing to fit what you need. One of the basics for survival in DayZ is ensuring you have enough food, water, and extra clothing just in case you need a little pick-me-up when exploring the game’s vast world.

Your blood levels in DayZ are just one of the keys to survival in the game. Knowing what causes it to drop and what you need to do to replenish it are important factors in your survival.

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