VALORANT: Map Pick/Ban System, Skin Gifting, Replay, and VALORANT on Netflix



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The future looks bright for Riot Games’ tactical shooting game.

VALORANT: Map Pick/Ban System, Skin Gifting, Replay, and VALORANT on Netflix

Want to know just how dedicated the VALORANT team is? – VALORANT receives updates at least every week.

The VALORANT Devs are constantly working on something. Be it balance changes, nerfs, or Quality of Life updates. There is always something VALORANT is looking to improve on.

It also helps the Devs take time off their busy schedule to sit down and answer some FAQs from the VALORANT community.

In the May 19 edition of “Ask VALORANT,” the Devs answered some interesting questions on VALORANT features and the possibility of a VALORANT Netflix series.

Map Pick/Ban System

One of the more critical questions that were brought up in the recent Ask VALORANT session was the state of the Map Pick/Ban system.

A few months ago, VALORANT only had a handful of locations in its map rotation – Ascent, Bind, Split, Haven, and Icebox. Since then, Breeze and Fracture have been added to that list, bringing the total number of maps to seven.

With that many maps currently in the game, an important question arose: Does Riot Games plan on adding a Map Pick/Ban system?

Riot Games Competitive Designer – Jon Walker – said that a Map Pick/Ban system is currently not something they plan to introduce for regular Competitive Play. The Devs want the players to have a little more experience playing all seven maps in-game, and adding a Pick/Ban system will only give players a free pass to skip maps that they aren’t a fan of. 

However, Riot Games plans on adding a Map Pick/Ban system when they start introducing their Tournament Mode for VALORANT, so fans will have to wait for that.

Gifting System

The best way to a man/woman’s heart? VALORANT Skins.

Gifting in-game skins are the easiest way to simp- Erm, we mean, show your appreciation for your VALORANT teammates and friends.

Unfortunately, this is not something that will be available to players soon, as Stephen Kraman, Product Manager for Riot Games, shared that the Gifting feature is not a priority for the team right now.

For now, simps – Erm, we mean, players will have to settle for dropping their skins to their favorite allies in-game.

In-game Replay System

So, will Riot Games be adding a first-person replay system for VALORANT? Short answer: not anytime soon.

Riot Games is currently more focused on developing other VALORANT features, so a replay system is not really at the top of their priority list.

Such a shame, as players have been begging Riot Games to add an in-game replay system that players can use to identify positioning, pre-aiming, and other mistakes that are keeping players from reaching the next level.

Alternating Skins For Attacking and Defending

Skins are plentiful in VALORANT. And, if you have at least a Battle Pass in-game, your inventory will be chucked full of random weapon skins and other in-game vanities.

Unfortunately, players can only really use a single skin for every weapon in-game at any given time. Players must manually assign individual skins for every in-game weapon from the main menu to swap out weapon skins.

And so, Riot Games Art Lead – Sean Marino – shared that, while adding the capability to set up two different sets of skins for Attacking and Defending in matches is something that they plan on adding in the future, they would have to test the performance impact of doing so first. 

An option to use more of your skins in-game might seem like a great idea, but not at the cost of in-game performance, which is arguably more important in VALORANT anyway.

VALORANT… on Netflix?

League of Legends fans could not stop gushing over the LoL animated series, Arcane, and we can not blame them, as Arcane was an undeniable smash hit.

If Riot Games could pull off something like that from one of their other titles, making a VALORANT Animated Series should be easy. Right?

Unfortunately, creating an animated series is not something that Riot Games is actively pursuing their tactical shooter right now, as they are hyper-focused on delivering the best in-game experience for VALORANT.

The in-game VALORANT lore is also just starting to heat up. But if Arcane was anything to go by, we can already tell how an animated series will go for the VALORANT franchise – it will be epic.

Fans who can not get enough of the VALORANT lore should be fine for a while. After all, Riot Games sprinkles a ton of in-game lore tidbits with every new patch.

Moving Forward

It is safe to say VALORANT is going strong and will continue for years. The dedicated team at Riot Games is constantly working to introduce new features and updates to their beloved tactical shooting game.

As long as the content keeps coming and the gameplay stays competitive, we have no doubts VALORANT will be here to stay.

Read the entire Q&A in detail on the PlayVALORANT website – ASK VALORANT MAY 19.

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