VALORANT: Omen One-Way Smokes On Ascent


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Omen’s one-way smokes are the easiest way to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard. A well-placed one-way smoke can net you and your team some easy kills early in the round.

VALORANT: Omen One-Way Smokes On Ascent

Omen mains will know that Ascent is the easiest map to place one-way smokes. This is because of the multiple walls and archways present throughout the map. Omen’s smokes can easily clip onto these walls and arches, thus creating very simple but effective one-way smokes.

Let’s look at a few simple but useful one-way smokes on Ascent when playing as Omen.

Omen: The Phantom Controller


A phantom of a memory. Omen hunts in the shadows. He renders enemies blind, teleports across the field, and lets paranoia take hold as his foe scrambles to learn where he might strike next.

Riot Games

Omen is a controller-type Agent. Controllers are Agents equipped with a smoke ability of some kind, along with other abilities, which are usually geared for deterring and slowing down enemy pushes. 

There are currently four controller Agents in VALORANT. These controller Agents are Omen, Viper, Brimstone, and Astra. If you take a closer look at their abilities, you will quickly realize all four controller Agents have some smoke, molly, or ability they can use to stop enemies in their tracks.

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Omen has one of the most powerful flash abilities in-game, which can stop enemy players from taking more space within that part of the map.

Controller Agents will have no problems taking control of or holding down any part of the map because of their skill set.

Dark Cover

3 19

Omen’s Signature Ability, Dark Cover, can be used anywhere on the map. This makes it a very versatile piece of smoke ability. This means that even when Omen is on the other side of the map, he can still support his allies from across the map with Dark Cover.

4 20

It is worth mentioning that Dark Cover is hollow inside, making it useful for sneaky pushes to catch enemies off guard. However, being hollow means your enemies can also use your smoke against you.

Omen is given one free charge of Dark Cover every round, and you can purchase an additional charge for 100 credits. A Dark Cover charge replenishes every forty seconds and lasts for fifteen seconds.

Ascent One-way Smoke A-Main

5 19

This first one-way smoke is great for easy pickoffs in A-Main. This one-way smoke gives enemy players zero visibility of almost every vital spot in A-Main, so you can choose whatever angle you want to hold in A-Main.

You and your team can see the enemies’ legs because of the one-way smoke. We suggest you use a Phantom every time you play Omen because the Phantom does not have bullet tracers, which means you can safely spam your ammo through smokes.

  1. Stand in this corner in A-site:
6 21

2. Activate Dark Cover and switch to normal targeting view by pressing “R”:

8 17
9 17

3. Place the arrow indicator close to the corner of this archway. It should turn red when you get it right:

image 128
image 130

4. Activate Dark Cover to place the smoke:

10 19

When done correctly, it should look like this:

11 16

You can see enemies before they see you:

12 15
13 12

Ascent A-Lobby One-way Smoke

15 11

This next one-way smoke can stop enemies from thinking of taking control of the A-site. With this one-way smoke, you can stop one, two, or even three unsuspecting players from pushing A-Lobby.

Meanwhile, your teammates can slowly set up a pincer attack from the middle or B-Main to pin down the Attackers currently in A-Lobby.

This one-way smoke is effortless to do with very few drawbacks. You can likely get a quick pickoff whenever an enemy foolishly tries to contest this one-way smoke.

Be careful when doing this twice a row, though, as enemies might start spamming your location through the smoke.

  1. Stand anywhere at the A-site entrance:
16 10

2. Look for this wall in A-Lobby:

image 132

3. Place the green arrow indicator right on the upper middle part of this wall:

image 133

4. Activate Dark Cover and switch to normal view by pressing “R”:

image 134

5. Activate Dark Cover to place the smoke:

18 7

When done correctly, you can see your foe’s legs:

17 9
19 7

This next one-way smoke takes us to Ascent Middle. Ascent Middle is an important space to take hold of because of how it splits up the two bomb sites. Attackers can cut off the Defenders from rotating over to either of the bombs sites the Attackers decide on taking control of.

Mid-link is a particularly important area to control. It opens up the floodgates to the middle and might make it difficult for your team to rotate to whichever site the enemy team chooses to attack.

This next one-way smoke can help deter enemies from pushing middle through the Mid-link and Mid-Courtyard with that in mind. You might even get a quick pickoff from this one-way smoke.

  1. Stand anywhere inside of A Tree:
22 6

2. Activate Dark Cover:

23 7

3. Move the Dark Cover towards the right wall of the Mid-link:

24 7

4. Place Dark Cover’s green arrow indicator on this corner of the right-side wall:

image 135
image 136

5. Activate Dark Cover to place the smoke:

25 9

When done correctly, the one-way smoke should look like this:

26 9

Ascent B-Main One-way Smoke

27 3

This next one-way smoke covers the B-Main entrance. This one-way smoke can help you and your teammates score an early pick from Market or Defender Spawn.

This one-way smoke stops the enemy team from pushing since they might get hosed to B-site. It also does not help that B-site has ten thousand angles to clear out upon entry as an Attacker.

Like the other one-way smokes on this list, this next one can deter the enemy team from taking more space towards B-site.

  1. Stand on this corner just outside of Market:
35 3

2. Look for this corner on the B-Main entrance:

image 139

3. Activate Dark Cover and place the indicator arrow on the corner above the B-Main Entrance:

36 2

4. You got the positioning right when the arrow turns red:

image 140

5. Activate Dark Cover once more to place the smoke:

37 3

When done correctly, the smoke should look like this:

38 1

The enemy team can not see anything within the site unless they reveal a significant amount of their player model:


Ascent B-Market One-way Smoke

28 6

This last one-way smoke for Ascent is a good variation of the usual market smoke covering the entire Market entrance. The small gap can give the enemy team a false sense of security and even tease them into foolishly peeking at you at B-Main.

  1. Stand anywhere at B-Main or even B-Lobby:
29 5

2. Activate Dark Cover:

30 7

3. Move the sphere towards the market entrance:

31 5

Place the Green indicator arrow towards the upper left corner of the Market entrance:

4. Now, this takes a bit of guesstimating and practice to do properly.

image 137
image 138

Try to position the Green Arrow Indicator as high up as possible. Practice is key.

5. Activate Dark Cover once again to place the smoke:

32 5

When done properly, the one-way smoke should look like this from B-Main:

33 5

Your enemies can not see you, but you can see their legs. You can spam fire them with the Phantom.

34 3

Now You See Me; Now You Don’t.

2 23

Omen’s one-way smokes are easy to execute and give you and your teammates an unfair advantage over your foes. Players from lower elo will be the easiest targets to pick off using these one-way smokes easily. Most newer players will not know what the smoke is for when they see it. However, against more experienced players, these smokes will most likely serve as a mere deterrent.

His smokes are a great way of covering angles that enemy players may be holding. This can help you and your team take valuable space within the map slowly, surely, and most importantly, safely. Depending on how you plan to play Omen, his smokes will serve their purpose best when placed in their default spots.

However, to keep the game interesting, you can throw in these random one-way smokes to get cheap pickoffs that will annoy your enemies.

That is about it! We hope you will find these Omen one-way smokes useful whenever you play as Omen in Ascent.

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