VALORANT: Patch 5.12 Adds New Swiftplay Game Mode


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A new limited-time game mode for some quick thrills.

VALORANT: Patch 5.12 Adds New Swiftplay Game Mode

VALORANT isn’t particularly lacking in game modes – there’s a casual mode in Unrated, a fast-paced game mode in Spike Rush, and the very configurable Custom Game mode for some fun 5v5 lobby matches with your friends. Of course, the game’s sweatiest game mode, Competitive, needs no introduction, as it is where champions are born and friendships are lost.

For all intents and purposes, a game of Spike Rush should satisfy most VALORANT fans looking to play some classic VALORANT matches but do not want to commit to a 45-minute game in Competitive or Unrated. However, Spike Rush offers quite a different gameplay experience to the class VALORANT gameplay, so the devs decided to throw in a brand new game mode called Swiftplay, albeit for a limited time.

How many Game Modes are in VALORANT?

There are four permanent game modes in VALORANT – Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Custom. Every now and then, the devs will add special game modes such as Replication, Escalation, and now, Swiftplay, to stir things up. However, you can expect the four game modes mentioned to be available in-game year-round.

There are also two Deathmatch-style game modes in VALORANT – Deathmatch, and Escalation. Both game modes provide fast-paced gameplay without round starts and Spike plants.


Competitive is VALORANT’s most serious game mode and arguably the most difficult to play in. In Competitive, players wager their ranks for a chance to gain more rank points.

The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. If both teams somehow reach 12 rounds each, the game will go into Overtime, where the team that wins two consecutive rounds wins the match.


Unrated is basically Competitive but without rank wagers. The first team to win 13 rounds wins the match. If both teams somehow reach 12 rounds each, the game will go into Overtime, where the team that wins two consecutive rounds wins the match.

Despite being a more casual game mode compared to Competitive, you can’t just leave an Unrated match anytime you like, as you will likely ruin the match for the rest of your team.

Spike Rush

Spike Rush is a unique game mode where all players start the match with the same weapons and carry a Spike. Any player in the Attacking team can plant the Spike, and the first team to make it to 4 rounds wins that match. If both teams win 3 rounds apiece, a single overtime round will be played to decide the winner.

All Agent abilities are available right at the match start, and players can pick up special orbs that provide special effects.


Custom is basically a custom lobby game mode where the lobby leader can set up parameters such as Map, Server, Game Mode, and various other Custom Game options. This is the best game mode for playing pubs against one or more friends.


As the name suggests, Replication is a game mode where all five players within a team play the same Agent. Agent abilities are made available right at the start of the match and are refreshed every round start.

Teams will play four rounds in each half, and the first team to win five rounds wins the match. If both teams make it to four rounds apiece, an overtime round will be played to determine the winner.


A classic free-for-all game mode where 12 players race to 40 kills on a random map. Agent Abilities are unusable in this game mode, since the map is intended to be an aim-training map where players can hone their mechanical aim or practice various weapons against other players.


Escalation is a 5v5 deathmatch-style game mode where all players start with the same weapons. As players of each team kill members of the opposing team, they progress through the match and receive a random assortment of weapons. The first team to clear 12 levels wins the match.

What is Swiftplay?

Swiftplay Beta is a brand new VALORANT game mode that’s playable for a limited time. Starting December 6, players can start queueing in Swiftplay and enjoy a shortened Unrated match. How short? The first team to win five rounds wins the game. Here are the details:

Swiftplay gameplay features:

  • Similar to the standard 5v5 Unrated mode, but condensed:
    • First to 5 rounds, 4-round half.
  • Spike mode victory conditions
    • Single Spike carrier
  • Set Credit amounts granted at the start of the round.
    • 800
    • 2400
      • Not including the 600 cc bonus for winning the pistol round.
    • 4250
    • 4250
  • Weapon and Credit carryover supported
  • +600 credit bonus for winning pistol round
  • Standard Kill bonuses (+200c) and Spike Plant bonuses (+300c)
  • 2 Ult points granted at the start of each half
  • Sudden death overtime
  • Match time is approx. 15 minutes.

Swiftplay matches typically only last about 15 minutes, making a typical game time just 1/3 of the total match time of Competitive or Unrated. If you do not have 45 minutes to spend on a full VALORANT match, you’re probably going to love the compromise that Swiftplay offers.

Enjoy the game mode while it lasts, as it is only playable from December 6 through January 10, 2023. Of course, since the new game mode is still in Beta, you can expect the devs to release a more polished and complete version early next year.

You can read about the full Swiftplay game mode update in the VALORANT Patch Notes 5.12 here.

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