Enter the Mushroom Kingdom in New Clip from the Super Mario Bros. Movie


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The Game Awards has come out with a  lot of reveals for upcoming  games, but we do have a special look for a highly anticipated game adaptation coming out next year.

Enter the Mushroom Kingdom in New Clip from the Super Mario Bros. Movie

Just in, we have a new clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it has Mario experiencing the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time. Watch this:

From the get-go, you can already see a lot of references to the classic Super Mario games from the box with the coins that come out of them, to the precariously placed platforms. Of course, it also isn’t a Mario movie if we didn’t have pipes to travel across the kingdom, and that’s what Toad and Mario use to get to Peach’s castle.

The film even tries its best to incorporate the music from the original game. With the Super Mario soundtrack considered to be one of the most iconic in gaming, you’d imagine they would want to use as much of it for the film as well.

Admittedly, Mario still doesn’t do a lot of talking in this clip, but from what we can hear, it seems like Chris Pratt has adapted this American-Italian accent. Though a lot of fans are complaining Pratt doesn’t do the high-pitched Mario voice from the games, I think they decided to make the character a bit more grounded by having him sound like an actual person.

Catch The Super Mario Movie when it comes to theaters on April 7, 2023.

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