VALORANT PBE: Upcoming Bug Fixes for Multiple Agents in Patch 4.11



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VALORANT PBE: Upcoming Bug Fixes for Multiple Agents in Patch 4.11

VALORANT is barely two years old as of today, making it a pretty new game when you consider that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a decade old by now.

Games like CSGO already had a ton of time to fix bugs and errors that appear in-game. Nevertheless, some bugs still surface now and then.

As a newer game, VALORANT has some minor bugs and glitches that are unavoidable in a constantly changing game, such as Riot Games’ 5v5 tac-shooter.

The upcoming Patch 4.11 focuses on bug fixes for multiple Agents such as Yoru, Viper, Jett, and KAY/O. We go over the planned changes in this article.

VALORANT PBE 4.11 Bug Fixes


For Patch 4.11, Riot Games fixed a bug (or exploit, depending on how you utilize the ability) in Yoru’s Dimensional Drift.

The bug allows Yoru to use weapons earlier than intended when exiting Dimensional Drift. If you’ve played around with Yoru before, you will know that there should be a slight delay when pulling out your weapon when going out of Dimensional Drift. 

In extreme cases, the bug allows Yoru players to start shooting instantly after leaving the Dimensional Drift. The enemy’s POV will look like Yoru shot them while he is invisible. Hilarious fun, but broken and imbalanced nonetheless.

This isn’t the first time this Yoru bug appeared in-game, as Riot Games previously addressed the same issue a few patches back. Because of this, Riot Games is keen on keeping a close eye on Dimensional Drift moving forward.


Jett’s Tailwind continues to be one of the most controversial abilities in all of VALORANT.

And for Patch 4.11, PBE testers have discovered a bug (or exploit) that allows Jett to dash faster than usual whenever Tailwind is used in specific locations.

This is an exploit no matter how you look at it because Jett shouldn’t be able to dash faster than what is intended by the ability, no matter the situation.

Fortunately, hard-working PBE testers have discovered the exploit, and Riot Games plans to fix it in the upcoming Patch 4.11.


PBE testers have discovered an Astra bug in the recently concluded May 27th PBE.

The Astra bug allowed players to see the location of the enemy Astra stars (context: Astra stars are invisible to enemies.)

This would be troublesome for Astra users, as Astra’s stars allow her to set up her abilities stealthily in just about any area of the map. Fortunately, Riot Games is working on a fix for Patch 4.11.


A weird bug has surfaced for KAY/O where teammates would not be able to revive successfully (re-stabilize) KAY/O after Sage has previously revived him.

KAY/O’s ultimate ability – NULL/cmd – requires seven Ultimate points to equip, all of which will go to waste if he cannot be revived following a Sage revive.

Fortunately, Riot Games is on top of things and has already addressed this bug for the next update.

Viper, Killjoy, and Cypher

Minor visual bug fixes have been deployed for Viper (hybrid controller/sentinel), Killjoy, and Cypher.

There were reported instances where Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud disappeared from the minimap. The same goes for Killjoy’s Nanoswam and Cypher’s Cyber Cage.

The minimap provides crucial information when players are across the map and away from these abilities. Not seeing where these abilities are from the minimap will be a huge inconvenience for Viper, Killjoy, and especially Cypher players.


A minor bug fix for Chamber’s teleport animation will be implemented for Patch 4.11.

There were times when Chamber’s model would still teleport even after getting killed. Riot Games has fixed this bug for the upcoming Patch 4.11.


A hilarious bug with Skye’s 3P model has been discovered in the recently concluded VALORANT PBE.

The bug reportedly placed Skye in an awkward pose while holding a gun. While this bug is strictly visual, the pose can sometimes be pretty hilarious (or distracting). 

Thankfully, this has already been addressed for the upcoming Patch 4.11.

Exterminate Those Bugs

Once again, VALORANT PBE has given us an insight into upcoming bug fixes and changes for future VALORANT patches.

For Patch 4.11, Riot Games continues to do housekeeping work, fixing several ability bugs that could tilt the game ever so slightly into one side’s favor – a big no-no in a competitive tactical shooter like VALORANT.

Patch 4.11 should go live soon. So keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming VALORANT updates.

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