VALORANT Points: How much do they cost?



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We have listed all VALORANT supported regions and VALORANT Points cost for each, so you can get a good idea of how much you need to spend to get your dream skins in-game.

VALORANT Points: How much do they cost?

Players must top up on VALORANT Points to acquire the newest VALORANT Skins as soon as they drop. With Riot Games releasing skin bundles left and right, you’ll need to know how many VALORANT Points you can get for your money in your region to get the best bang for your buck deals in-game.

Below is a list of all VALORANT supported regions and the VALORANT Points cost for each. Refer to the tables to get a good idea of how much VALORANT Points cost in your region.

What are VALORANT Points For?

VALORANT Points (or VP) is VALORANT’s premium currency that is mainly used for purchasing items in the in-game Store.

Players exchange real money for VALORANT Points, and the amount of real-world currency versus the number of VALORANT Points players receive will depend on the region or where players have purchased their VP.

Riot Games sells VALORANT Points in six bundles of varying amounts. Players cannot buy a custom amount of VP, so they have no choice but to purchase the VP bundle that’s close to the price of the item they want to buy in the VALORANT Store.

Players can use VALORANT Points for the following items in-game:

  • Bundles
  • Skins
  • Contract Levels
  • Battle Pass Levels
  • Radianite Points
  • Agents

VALORANT Points are commonly used for purchasing Skins in-game. Depending on which skin tier the player fancies, prices can range from 857 VP for Select Tier Skins to 2475 VP (Exclusive Edition)

Refer to our guide on All You Need to Know About Skins in VALORANT to get a better idea of how much each Skin Tier costs in-game.

VALORANT Points Pricing (All Regions)

Riot Games sells VP for eleven of their supported regions. Here is the complete VP price list for supported regions:


VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
525 VPA$7.990 VP525 VP
985 VPA$14.9940 VP1025 VP
2035 VPA$30.99140 VP2175 VP
3675 VPA$55.99300 VP3975 VP
5250 VPA$79.99550 VP5800 VP
8530 VPA$129.991220 VP9750 VP


VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
475 VPR$16.900475 VP
1120 VPR$39.9080 VP1200 VP
2110 VPR$74.90190 VP2300 VP
3930 VPR$139.90470 VP4400 VP
4780 VPR$169.90720 VP5500 VP
9830 VPR$349.901670 VP11500 VP


VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
475 VPCA$6.990 VP475 VP
950 VPCA$13.9950 VP1000 VP
1900 VPCA$27.99150 VP2050 VP
3330 VPCA$47.99320 VP3650 VP
4750 VPCA$69.99600 VP5350 VP
9500 VPCA$139.991500 VP11000 VP


VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
475 VP€50 VP475 VP
950 VP€1050 VP1000 VP
1900 VP€20150 VP2050 VP
3330 VP€35320 VP3650 VP
4750 VP€50600 VP5350 VP
9500 VP€1001500 VP11000 VP

India (Credit Card)

VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
500 VP€5.490 VP500 VP
1090 VP€11.9960 VP1150 VP
2000 VP€21.99150 VP2150 VP
4000 VP€43.99400 VP4400 VP
4910 VP€53.99590 VP5500 VP
9090 VP€99.991410 VP10500 VP

India (Paytm)

VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
500 VP₹4490 VP500 VP
950 VP₹79950 VP1000 VP
1900 VP₹1599150 VP2050 VP
3205 VP₹2699445 VP3650 VP
4750 VP₹3999600 VP5350 VP
9380 VP₹7900162011000 VP


VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
550 VPMX$990 VP0 VP
950 VPMX$199200 VP1150 VP
1900 VPMX$399500 VP2400 VP
3350 VPMX$699900 VP4250 VP
4800 VPMX$10291500 VP6300 VP
9500 VPMX$19992900 VP12400 VP

New Zealand

VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
599 VPNZ$8.990 VP599 VP
990 VPNZ$16.9935 VP1025 VP
2040 VPNZ$34.99135 VP2175 VP
3675 VPNZ$62.99300 VP3975 VP
5250 VPNZ$89.99550 VP5800 VP
8460 VPNZ$144.991290 VP9750 VP


VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
575 VP₽3790 VP575 VP
980 VP₽64970 VP1050 VP
1960 VP₽1290240 VP2200 VP
3170 VP₽2090480 VP3650 VP
4690 VP₽3090810 VP5500 VP
9090 VP₽59901910 VP11000 VP


VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
175 VP₺170 VP175 VP
875 VP₺8525 VP900 VP
1340 VP₺130110 VP1450 VP
2575 VP₺250275 VP2850 VP
4630 VP₺450620 VP5250 VP
7205 VP₺7001295 VP8500 VP

United Kingdom

VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
500 VP£4.500 VP500 VP
945 VP£9105 VP1050 VP
1890 VP£18260 VP2150 VP
3150 VP£30500 VP3650 VP
4725 VP£45775 VP5500 VP
9450 VP£902050 VP11500 VP

United States

VALORANT PointsCostBonus VPTotal
475 VP$4.990 VP475 VP
950 VP$9.9950 VP1000 VP
1900 VP$19.99150 VP2050 VP
3325 VP$34.99325 VP3650 VP
4750 VP$49.99600 VP5350 VP
9500 VP$99.991500 VP11000 VP

Spending Spree

As you can see from the tables above, the amount of VALORANT Points can vary from one region to another. In addition, the higher up in the VP tiers you go, the more bonus VP you can get, which is especially useful for players who purchase VP often, as the bonus VALORANT Points will add up in the long run.

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