Where Is The Impound in GTA 5?


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Learn where the impound is in GTA 5!

Where Is The Impound in GTA 5?

Let’s face it – the police in GTA 5 can be a hit or miss. For example, the LSPD wouldn’t even bat an eye on you, beating a red light along Burton Street, but try standing beside a super-sensitive NPC, and they will call the cops on you.

The police aren’t as potent or exciting in GTA 5 without the proper mods. However, the LSPD does its job where it counts the most, like towing away your car after leaving it in a no-parking zone.

If this is your first time having your car impounded by the LSPD, read on; we will show you how to reacquire your impounded ride in this guide.

How to get your car impounded in GTA 5?

There are a couple of ways vehicles can get impounded in GTA 5. These are:

  • If the player abandons a modified vehicle
  • If the player abandons a vehicle that was purchased online
  • Triggering a mission that requires the use of another vehicle
  • Wandering too far away from the vehicle, causing it to despawn
  • Loading an Autosave
  • Parking the vehicle in a no-parking zone

For GTA 5 Online, the player’s vehicle can only get impounded if:

  • The police kill the player, and the player’s car is nearby

Where is the impound in GTA 5?


The two Impound Lots in GTA 5 are located at the LSPD Auto Impound, which can be found beside Davis Police Station, and the Impound Garage at the Mission Row Police Station.

If you’ve come across our article on Police Station Locations in GTA 5, you probably know where all the police stations are around Los Santos and Blaine County, so finding either Impound lot should be a piece of cake.

image 1

Which Impound Lot you attend will depend on whether you play GTA 5 or GTA Online. Yes, there is a difference between these two games.

Players can retrieve their impounded vehicles in GTA 5 from the Impound Garage at the Mission Row Police Station. On the other hand, GTA Online players can collect their impounded vehicles from the LSPD Auto Impound at the Davis Police Station.

What will happen to impounded cars?

Impounded vehicles go to varying locations when playing GTA 5 or GTA Online.

For GTA 5, the player’s vehicle will stay inside the Mission Row Impound Garage until the player comes and pays the $250 fine to reclaim it. $250 is a small sum in GTA 5, especially if you’ve recently been milking the Ammu-nation cash register glitch in-game.

image 2

On the other hand, GTA Online players can try one of two options to retrieve their vehicles. The first method is to make a classic Grand Theft Auto move where the player goes ahead and jumps over the impound lot fence to break out their impounded car. Doing so will give the player an instant 2-star wanted level – a small price for GTA Online veterans.

Alternatively, GTA Online players can call their assistant to pick up the impounded vehicle for $1000.

If you’re considering leaving your uninsured vehicle in the LSPD Auto Impound for a while in GTA Online, don’t worry. The police will eventually crush it if you don’t pay the fine or take your car out of the LSPD Auto Impound on time.


While the policing in GTA 5 is far from realistic, players can still get their precious rides impounded by not following street signs in-game. Fortunately, retrieving an impounded vehicle doesn’t cost much, and the alternative methods of reclaiming one’s vehicle aren’t too bad either.

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