VALORANT: Riot Instantly Removes Sova New Animations for Patch 4.08


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New does not always mean good.

VALORANT: Riot Instantly Removes Sova New Animations for Patch 4.08

Patch 4.08 brings in a few important changes for two of the most popular Agents in VALORANT – Jett and Sova. These two Agents are the only ones with at least a 70% pick rate in Competitive Matches, so it made sense for Riot to slightly nerf the fan favorites to help make other Duelists and Initiators in the roster more viable.

Jett received a nerf to her most powerful ability, Tailwind, which can now only be used within a 12-second window. On the other hand, Sova’s Owl Drone and Shock Dart have received reduced durations and damage, respectively.

It was not all bad news, though, as Riot was thoughtful enough to add New Bow Animations to the nerfed Sova Shock Dart. Unfortunately, while the new animations seem like an act of goodwill on Riot Games’ part, Sova fans weren’t too happy about it.

Riot Removes New Shock Dart Bow Animations for Patch 4.08

For Patch 4.08, Sova’s Shock Dart is rumored to deal lesser damage and have a ‘smaller’ radius. With these changes, killing enemies with Double Shock Dart Lineups should now be more difficult.

Sova’s Shock Dart now deals just 75 maximum damage (take note of the word ‘maximum’). As you might already know, Sova’s Shock Dart deals variable damage depending on how far the target is from the center of the Shock Dart explosion. With this Shock Dart nerf, Shock Dart lineups now have to be pixel-perfect to decimate opponents through lineups, making them less viable overall.

Adding salt to the wounded area, Riot ‘unintentionally’ nerfed Shock Dart and Recon Bolt Lineups through the new bow animations they plan to introduce in Patch 4.08.

Check out this video by GameLeap Valorant Pro Guides to get a better idea.

The new Sova bow animations now wholly block off the bottom HUD area, which is very important for Sova’s Shock Dart and Recon Bolt lineups. (tons of lineups rely on this part of the HUD) The Shock Dart Damage Nerf + Blocked off HUD effectively threatened to kill off Shock Dart and Recon Dart Lineups forever.

Fortunately, through the feedback of the most popular Sova player, Team Liquid Content Creator AverageJonas, and the cries of hundreds of Sova mains on Twitter, Riot swiftly decided to remove the new Shock Dart bow animations for Patch 4.08.

Did we hear a sigh of relief from Sova mains everywhere?

Fly High, Shock Dart

Players have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours formulating and creating their own Sova Lineups in VALORANT. An outcry over new animations should be the least of Riot Games’ worries as hundreds of Sova fans mourn their favorite Initiator’s demise in Patch 4.08.

On the bright side, we now know that Riot Games listens to their fans and takes swift action against changes that can potentially alienate their hard-earned fanbase from the game.

Patch 4.08 is just around the corner. We are sure you are excited to see what the new Act brings to the table.

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