VALORANT: Riot Reportedly Working on Phoenix and Cypher Buffs


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Phoenix and Cypher are finally getting the love they deserve as Riot is reportedly working on buffs for the two OG Agents in a recent Reddit AMA.

VALORANT: Riot Reportedly Working on Phoenix and Cypher Buffs

Riot Games works around the clock to bring constant updates and gameplay balance changes to keep the balance of power in Valorant in check. In the most recent balance/nerf wave, Riot slapped Jett and Sova with some nerfs while providing Neon with a few QoL updates and slight buffs to her utility.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Valorant Character Producer John Goscicki, Agent Designer Jay Watford, and members of the Valorant team took some time off to sit down and chat with fans to discuss some exciting developments that are happening in the background.

Phoenix Buffs/Rework Incoming

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Phoenix has been in a tough spot in the roster in the last few Valorant Episodes. The fiery-hot Duelist has been difficult to pick up, especially in the wake of much more valuable Agents such as Jett, Raze, or even Reyna.

While Phoenix’s abilities are nowhere near as bad as Yoru’s before the latter was buffed, there’s still a lot left to be desired from Phoenix’s skill set and what he can bring to his team in terms of value.

When some Valorant fans asked about a Phoenix buff, here’s what Valorant Character Producer John Goscicki has to say:

Upfront, yes, we are working on Phoenix, but it is too early for us to talk about details of what it may entail.

In a follow-up reply to the question regarding the Phoenix buffs, Goscicki added:

Right now, we want to take the time to explore everything between number tweaks to something more, unfortunately, we do not have a solid ETA on that, and we want to take the time to find the right long-term place for Phoenix.

It’s safe to say fans weren’t too bothered about the lack of specifics on Phoenix’s buff/rework, as the mere fact that Riot is finally working on the community-favorite Duelist is enough to keep the fire burning in every Phoenix fan’s heart until the official changes are revealed in the coming months.

Cypher Buffs Are Also in the Works

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Compared to Phoenix, Cypher is in a considerably better place right now in the Valorant meta. Regardless, the recon-specialist is slowly lagging behind Sentinel counterparts such as Chamber and Killjoy in the overall value that he brings to his team.

When asked about Cypher buffs in the recent Reddit AMA, here’s what Agent Designer Jay Watford had to say:

Cypher is in a similar situation. We aren’t prepared to share details or dates, but he is definitely on our radar.

The introduction of powerful new Agents such as Chamber and Fade in the Valorant roster threatened to push Phoenix and Cypher out of the Valorant meta for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for Valorant fans, Riot cares about every Agent in the game and is working hard to keep every Agent competitive and relevant in the meta as much as they can.

Back to Their Former Glory

The reported buffs/reworks for both Phoenix and Cypher are great news for fans of these OG Agents. Knowing the Valorant Community, a few leaked info and screenshots should surface on the interwebs soon.

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