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Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a Canadian professional VALORANT player for pro-team Sentinels. Since TenZ came into the Sentinels starting lineup, Sentinels have become the team to beat in the professional VALORANT scene.

VALORANT: TenZ Crosshair, Settings, and more

TenZ is known for his crisp aim, lightning-fast reflexes, and insane game IQ. It is no wonder why he is the Sentinel’s Most Valuable Player.

If you are a big fan of TenZ and want to find out what his most in-game sensitivity, settings, and equipment are, then you have come to the right place. Let’s take a quick look at TenZ’s preferences in VALORANT.

TenZ VALORANT Sensitivity

TenZ plays with an in-game sensitivity of .408. He has stuck with this specific sensitivity for a while now. However, he can be seen switching it up now and then on-stream. However, he does fall back to this primary number whenever he feels like he is not sharp enough.

TenZ Mouse Settings

Tenz plays at 800 DPI. With his in-game sensitivity of 0.408, Tenz has an eDPI of 326.4, which is a moderate eDPI relative to most of the VALORANT pros. 

In-game Sensitivity0.408

TenZ General Video Settings

Display ModeFullscreen
Max FPS AlwaysYes
NVIDIA ReflexOff

TenZ Graphics Quality Settings

In the past, Tenz has mentioned on stream that he likes to keep everything at the lowest possible settings to keep the in-game elements simple and less distracting.

Multithreaded RenderingOn
Material QualityLow
Texture QualityLow
Detail QualityLow
UI QualityLow
Anisotropic Filtering1x
Improve ClarityOff
[BETA] Experimental SharpeningOff
Cast ShadowsOff

TenZ Crosshair Settings

TenZ likes to keep his crosshair neat and simple to avoid distractions in-game. He has been using the same crosshair for the longest time to keep his consistency in-game.

TenZ Crosshair
Crosshair ColorCyan
Show Inner LinesOn
Inner Line Opacity1
Inner Line Length4
Inner Line Thickness2
Inner Line Offset2
Movement ErrorOff
Movement Error Multiplier1
Firing ErrorOff
Firing Error Multiplier1

Everything other than the Inner Lines section will be switched to “OFF.”

TenZ Mouse and Keyboard

TenZ is known to try out several mice now and then on stream. For the long term, TenZ is rocking a Logitech G Pro X Superlight, a FinalMouse Starlight-12, an Endgame Gear XM1, and the occasional Zowie S2.

His keyboard is a HyperX Alloy Origins Core Keyboard.

TenZ Monitor

TenZ is using a BenQ Zowie XL2546 monitor. The BenQ monitor is a 24.5-inch 240hz ultra-fast refresh rate monitor with astonishingly clear motion picture quality, thanks to BenQ’s DyAc+ Technology.

No wonder TenZ can react and track enemies in-game with relative ease. Of course, he has naturally amazing reaction time as well.

Be more like TenZ

As you might have realized, TenZ likes to keep his settings relatively simple and clean. From his crosshair to his graphical settings, TenZ prioritizes a distraction-free gaming experience in VALORANT, which helps him focus on the most important aspects of the game.

If you are a big fan of TenZ, then knowing some of his most important in-game settings and the equipment he uses is a must. If you want to be more like TenZ, copy the settings above. Who knows, some of these settings might be the exact ones that could help you skyrocket the VALORANT leaderboards.

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