VALORANT: Top 5 Agents to Rank Up Fast in Solo Queue Matchmaking


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Some Agents can increase your chances of ranking up quickly in VALORANT.

VALORANT: Top 5 Agents to Rank Up Fast in Solo Queue Matchmaking

VALORANT is a team game comprised of five players who play five distinct Agents to fill roles within a team. Because of the role-oriented gameplay, some Agents will not be as effective in securing a match win as others.

If you’re looking for the best Agents that can take you through the top ranks in VALORANT, look no further – we have listed the best Agents for Solo Queue Matchmaking in VALORANT in this guide.

The Most Ideal Agents Class for Solo Queue

Solo Queue Matchmaking in VALORANT is a mixed bag of organized chaos. While players will try to pick certain Agents to fill their team with balanced roles, in practice, the general lack of communication and synergy between random players makes it difficult to synergize each Agent’s ability in the team.

If you’re playing Solo Queue Matchmaking, you’re better off avoiding Agent roles that rely heavily on your teammates. Yep, you guessed it, avoid playing Sentinels. Save it for when you’re playing a full team with friends you know and have played with before.

This leaves us with just three classes: Controllers, Initiators, and Duelists.


For Solo Queue, you can’t go wrong when using Controllers, as Controller Agents are generally the only Agents with a smoke ability in their kit, making site entry and defense much easier in matches.

However, most Controllers rely on teamwork, coordination, and communication to realize their full potential – a luxury in Solo Queue Matchmaking.


Most Initiators work best when they have teammates who can take advantage of their utility. A great example is Skye and her Trailblazer and Guiding Light abilities, which work best when Skye’s teammates are already in a position to clean up any enemy caught by her dog or her flash.

The same is true for all the other Initiators.

  • Sova needs a teammate who can swing out and kill any enemy caught by his Recon Bolt or Owl Drone.
  • Breach needs teammates who can run in and take advantage of his Flashpoint, Fault Line, and Rolling Thunder while he charges up from afar.
  • Fade also needs teammates who can give her information about enemy locations so she can use her Prowlers and Seize efficiently.


Duelist Agents often function best when working alone. Even the in-game Official description for Duelist Agents describes the class as “self-sufficient fraggers who their team expects, through abilities and skills, to get high frags and seek out engagements first.”

On paper, the Duelist class is the perfect Solo Queue class for carrying games or creating the most impact in ranked matches. Head to the next section to understand why we think that.

#5 Phoenix

image 127

Phoenix is one of the most balanced Agents in VALORANT right now. Some would even argue that Phoenix is too balanced.

Phoenix is equipped with a super-fast flash ability, a decently-sized smoke/wall, and a molly ability that he can use to clear out corners upon bombsite entry. The best part? Phoenix can help himself with Blaze and Hothands abilities if the situation calls for it.

In VALORANT Matchmaking, you will often be matched up with random people. And as we have mentioned in the previous section, you can not afford to rely on other people to push the tempo and make things happen in Ranked Matches.

With Phoenix, you can push the action yourself with your Curveball ability and heal up with your Blaze or Hothands abilities when the situation calls for it. Oh, and his Ultimate Ability lets you do all this with little risk every few rounds.

#4 Raze

image 122

No other Agent in VALORANT can deal as much damage as Raze can with her abilities.

All of Raze’s abilities significantly damage a decently sized area – let that sink in for a moment. Aside from your raw aim, Raze’s abilities will allow you to dish out a boatload of damage to your enemies round in and round out.

As long as you know when and where to use Raze’s abilities, you can easily take out an enemy or two early in the match and let your teammates clean the rest of the enemy team.

#3 Omen

image 128

Omen is the only Agent on this list who is not a Duelist, and for a good reason – Omen can play both aggressively or defensively as needed.

Got a passive Duelist player on your team? Push the action with your Paranoia and Shrouded Step. Need to dial it back a little bit and play more passively? You’ve got Omen’s Dark Cover for that.

Omen can play flexible roles depending on your team’s current condition and brings decent value to his team regardless of whether he plays with his team or functions alone, making him a solid choice for Solo Queue Matchmaking.

#2 Reyna

image 121

If you are confident about taking duels or feel your aim is super sharp, you can not go wrong with picking Reyna for Solo Queue Matchmaking.

Reyna is one of the most straightforward Agents in VALORANT, whose only goal is to frag and score as many kills as possible for her team.

She is equipped with two charges of long-range flash that cover a large area, a healing ability, an escape ability, and an Ultimate Ability that turns her into an offensive Juggernaut.

A good Reyna can take out multiple enemies in seconds and escape completely unharmed. With that much offensive firepower in your team, you will be climbing up the VALORANT Ranks in no time.

Just be sure you are not sleepy, or your aim is not the slightest bit off when Solo Queueing in Ranked since Reyna’s overall impact relies heavily on a player’s raw aim and quick reaction times.

#1 Jett

image 129

If you want to rank up fast in VALORANT, get good with Jett.

The Korean Duelist has remained in the upper echelon of VALORANT Agent Tiers for the longest time, and it isn’t all that surprising – a good Jett player can completely change how a match is played on both Attacking and Defending sides.

Jett can initiate bombsite entry like no other Duelist can. Her Tailwind and Updraft Abilities are some of the best movement-based abilities in VALORANT, allowing Jett to quickly enter bombsites and clear the way for the rest of her team.

On Defense, Jett’s Tailwind allows her to hold extremely aggressive angles safely to gain quick information on enemy whereabouts.

Jett gives players the tools they need to dominate and carry their team, making her the Ultimate Solo Queue Agent for Ranking Up Fast in VALORANT.

Pubstar in the Making

Admittedly, VALORANT is still a team game – at the end of the day, teamwork will beat out individual skills any day of the week. However, due to how random team compositions are in Solo Queue Matchmaking in VALORANT, you will be better off taking matters into your own hands, eliminating random variables that could contribute to winning or losing a game.

With the five Agents we have listed above, you can influence the game in more ways than one as you grind through the ranks in VALORANT.

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