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Bind’s narrow entryways and alleys help accentuate Viper’s venomous kit. With these One-way Smokes on Bind, you can turn Viper into a defensive juggernaut.

VALORANT: Viper One-way Smokes on Bind (Defending)

As a stark contrast to the standard tactical shooting game map layouts of old, Bind is a simple A-site and B-site map with no middle lane.

Middle lanes are essential spaces in the maps that feature them. These splitting lanes unlock various Attacking and Defending options for both the Attackers and Defenders, making it an important space to take control of.

The lack of a Middle lane on Bind leaves the Attacking team with no choice but to cook up strategies that can take advantage of Bind’s parallel double-entryways into either A-site or B-site.

Defending can get tricky quickly on Bind. Most of the time, the defending team will be at a numbers disadvantage against the Attackers since they will naturally have to split up between the two bombsites.

Thankfully, Agents such as Viper are equipped with various crowd control abilities that allow them to make a huge impact on Defense on Bind.

We have compiled the best Viper One-way Smokes on Bind so you can take advantage of the narrow entryways and alleys around Bind.

Viper Poison Cloud

Viper’s Poison Cloud is a spherical smoke-type ability commonly seen on Controller-type Agents.

What sets Poison Cloud apart from other smoke abilities in VALORANT is Viper’s ability to redeploy and manually toggle the smoke throughout the round. (there is an 8-second delay when reactivating the Poison Cloud)

Poison Cloud runs off of Viper’s Fuel Bar – a passive ability that “fuels” her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud abilities.

Unlike other smoke abilities such as Omen’s Dark Cover and Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (which both have a predetermined duration), Viper’s Poison Cloud’s duration is purely dependent on the amount of “Fuel” Viper currently has available.

Poison Cloud does not just function as a smoke cover, though, as any enemy passing through the Poison Cloud will immediately be inflicted with 50 Decay Damage.

As you already probably realized, Poison Cloud is a value-packed ability that can serve multiple functions for just about every situation. Knowing how to maximize its benefits will help you solo-defend bombsites when playing Viper.

Bind A-site – A-Bath Viper One-way Smokes

Entryway 1 of 2 for A-site is A-Bath. Use this Viper One-way Smoke to cripple the Attacking team’s double-entry attempt.

The Attacking team will take the A-Short route to enter Bind’s A-site most of the time. With a good Sage and some well-placed smokes, the Attacking team can easily cut off the A-Default area from the rest of the A-site.

Some of the Attacking team members will try to take control of A-Baths as well, in an attempt to cut off rotations coming from A-Tower and Defender Spawn.

If you notice the Attacking team is gaining consistent success at the A-Bath area, this Viper One-way Smoke for A-Bath might do the trick.

  1. Stand in this corner just outside of A-Bath:

2. Look up towards the A-Bath entrance’s signage:

3. Aim for the middle of this line:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done correctly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should bounce off the arch and land on top of the signboard:

Enemy POV:

Bind A-site – A-Pocket Viper One-way Smokes

Bind A-Short one-way smokes are a thing of the past. This Viper One-way Smoke for A-Short should still help stall the Attacking team’s A-site push.

Bind’s A-Short used to have a tall double-box against the leftmost wall (Defender POV) before Patch 4.01 was released. The tall box gave just about any Controller Agent a platform that they could use to set up a one-way smoke for A-Short.

Since then, A-Short has seen a minor revision – the double-box was removed in favor of a group of crates roughly half as tall as the old double-box.

These crates are not tall enough for a one-way smoke. However, they should still give the slight lift Viper’s Poison Cloud needs to cover a large portion of the Attacking team’s sightlines towards the A-site.

The small gap on the bottom right corner of the Poison Cloud should help you see any Attacker walking behind the One-way Smoke.

  1. Just before the round start, stand in the corner between the barrier and the Teleporter:

2. Turn around and look towards the crates:

3. Using your crosshair’s horizontal lines as a gauge, aim along the top line of the middle part of the crates:

4. Right-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done properly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should land along the right edge of the crate:

Enemy POV:

Bind B-site – Hooka Viper One-way Smoke

Stop those pesky Attackers from wreaking havoc on B-site.

Jett and Raze players love to take the Hooka route towards B-site, and you really can not blame them for that – Hooka offers a slight elevation boost that enhances Jett and Raze’s ability to cover a ton of space upon site entry.

Once they are on-site, get ready for a cascade of chaotic events as they assert their dominance and numbers advantage on you and your teammates at B-site.

You will want to prevent that as early as possible. Here is a Hooka Viper One-way Smoke to help deter the Attacking team from taking space inside Hooka.

  1. Stand in this corner inside B-Hooka:

2. Turn around and look towards the barrier:

3. Place your crosshair just under the left tip of the Hooka entryway:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done correctly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should sit along the small slope on the Hooka entrance wall:

Enemy POV:

Bind B-site – B-Garden Viper One-way Smoke

Cut off the Attacking team’s B-site push through this A-Garden Viper One-way Smoke.

The omission of the classic middle lane for Bind meant that Riot had to somehow give the Attacking team a decent second entryway into either bombsite on Bind.

A-Garden is one of two entry options for the Attacking team for B-site. Of course, it will not make sense for the entire Attacking team to take just one lane towards their bombsite of choice, as they risk setting themselves up for a highlight-reel Ace play courtesy of the Defending side.

This is why the Attacking team will split up between B-Hooka and B-Long most of the time to get to B-site.

With that in mind, simply cutting off one entryway should increase your chances of successfully taming an Attacker rush into B-site.

  1. Look for this piece of wood resting against the A-Garden cubby:

2. Keep yourself aligned with this wooden plank and hug the wall:

3. Turn around and aim along this part of the wall:

4. Jump + Right-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done properly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should land in a small crack on the B-Garden entryway:

Enemy POV:

Bind B-site – B-Long Viper One-way Smoke

Here is an alternative Viper One-way Smoke for B-Long/B-Garden.

As we mentioned in the B-Garden Viper One-way Smoke, B-Long/B-Garden is a crucial area to lock down as a B-site Defender.

The Attacking team will most likely have a few players walking up towards B-Garden in preparation for their simultaneous entry through B-Hooka and B-Garden.

This Viper One-way Smoke for B-Garden will allow you to see the enemy’s legs at B-Long from B-Cubby.

A few simple through-the-smoke spams with a Phantom should net you an easy kill or two without revealing your approximate location to the Attacking team.

  1. With the barrier still up, stand in this corner at B-Garden:

2. Look towards the B-Garden entrance’s left pillar:

3. Align your crosshair with the bottom-most line on the pillar, then move your crosshair to the left just before it reaches the leftmost edge of the pillar.

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done correctly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should tuck in nicely in the hanging jar:

Enemy POV:

Binding Toxicity

Bind is one of the smaller maps in VALORANT in terms of the overall floor area. The absence of a middle lane took away a significant chunk of the actual map area where most of the action occurs around Bind.

Thanks to the smaller overall map area, Viper should be able to set up her Toxic Wall to cover a large portion of either bombsite on Bind. When appropriately used, Snake Bite and Poison Cloud are abilities that can positively affect Viper’s team, especially for stalling the Attackers on Defense. 

So, there we have it! We hope you found this article on Viper One-way Smokes on Bind. Supplement this Viper One-way Smokes guide with some Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Bind. Thank us later!

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