VALORANT: Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Bind (Post-plant)


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VALORANT’s hot and dry wasteland, Bind, is another great map to play Viper on. Thanks to a recent buff to Viper’s Abilities, she can now play hybrid roles such as a Controller/Sentinel role as needed when Attacking or Defending.

VALORANT: Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Bind (Post-plant)

These days, however, Viper’s Controller abilities can be seen in full effect whenever she is playing post-plant. Viper’s Toxic Screen, Poison Cloud, and Snake Bite molly are powerful post-plant tools that can deter or even stop the Defending team from ever defusing the planted Spike.

Bind is an incredibly welcoming map for lineups, which works wonders for Viper’s Snake Bite molly. Let’s take a quick look at some useful post-plant Snake Bite lineups for Bind.

Viper Snake Bite

1 3

Viper’s Snake Bite is the most powerful molly ability in-game in terms of overall potential damage. Not only does Snake Bite deal decent damage over a few seconds, but it also applies a unique debuff called “Vulnerable.”

Vulnerable is simply a double damage debuff applied to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. (includes teammates as well) Vulnerable amplifies the damage received from basically any source in-game, which means bullets will also deal double damage to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. Vulnerable lingers for two more seconds after the molly area is vacated.

Viper’s Snake Bite costs 200 credits each and can be equipped for a maximum of two charges per round. Snake Bite has a smaller radius than other molly abilities in the game, but it has a decent duration of 6.5 seconds.

Bind A-site – Triple Box Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup

1 4

Bind A-site’s Triple Box is a great place to plant the Spike. It provides the planter with adequate cover (even though the boxes can be wall banged). It also allows your teammates to play from Showers/Baths and A-short on post-plant.

The triple box wall bang works both ways since, on post-plant, players can easily wall bang the enemy defuser through the boxes. Viper will not need this since she can fall further back outside Showers and line up some of her post-plant Snake Bite mollies.

  1. At A-Lobby look for this wall:
2 6

2. Stand close to the wall. Align yourself with the dark patch on the leftmost side of the wall:

4 3

3. Look up towards these leaves:

5 3

4. Just below the largest leaf is a small strip-like leaf. Aim for the small leaf:

6 4
image 29

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite:

7 5

When done correctly, Viper’s Snake Bite should land on the planted Spike at Triple Box:

8 5

Bind A-site – Default Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup

9 3

Ninety percent of the time, your team will probably run a play for a Default plant on A-site. This strategy is the most efficient way of playing Bind A-site as an Attacker.

A-site can easily be split into two parts: The default plant half and the Triple Box half. Abilities such as Sage’s Wall Orb can easily block off A-site’s rest when placed between the box in front of Tank and Pocket. Post-plant is then simply a matter of playing behind cover from A-short.

Viper can further secure the post-plant play with some Snake Bite lineups from Attacker Spawn.

  1. Look for this large box at Attacker Spawn:
10 3

2. Go into the corner between the box and the wall:

11 3

3. Turn around and look for this gap on the wall:

12 3

4. Place the tip of the Poison Cloud icon at the bottom left tip of the darker green leaf:

13 3

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite:

14 3
15 3

Bind A-site – Tank Post-plant Snake Bite from A-Link

20 3

This Snake Bite lineup variation is arguably the more accessible lineup for A-site’s Default Spike plant spot. While the Snake Bite lineup launched from Attacker Spawn is not entirely useless, this alternate lineup is easier and quicker to line up. When done correctly, Snake Bite should land nicely at Tank:

If you are in a rush to line up, this A-Link lineup will be better than the one launched from Attacker Spawn. However, with the Attacker Spawn lineup, Viper will be less susceptible to being hunted down by Defenders. Pick and choose where you want to line up accordingly.

  1. Look for the roll-up door at A-Link:
16 5

2. Stand close to it while keeping yourself centered with the door:

17 4

3. Turn around and look for the electric transformer on the wall:

18 3

4. Align the tip of the Poison Cloud icon with the upper left corner of the transformer:

19 2

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite:

21 4

When done correctly, Viper’s Snake Bite should land nicely at Default:

20 3

Bind A-site – Triple Box Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup from A-short

22 3

This lineup is simply a positional change from the previous lineup for A-site Triple Boxes. Whenever Viper goes for a post-plant lineup, she has no choice but to wait for the right time to launch her Snake Bite molly. However, a few seconds is enough time for other Defenders to start pushing and looking for her in hopes of stopping her from launching another Snake Bite molly.

The enemy team will sooner or later learn where the mollies are coming from and will soon render your post-plant mollies useless. This alternate position lineup will keep the Defenders guessing where you are launching your Snake Bite mollies to keep yourself safe during post-plant lineups.

  1. Look for this barrel at A-short:
23 2

2. Stand on top of the barrel and between the two intersecting walls:

24 1

3. Turn around and look for these solar panels on the wall:

25 1

4. Take the bottom right slope of the Poison Cloud charge indicator and place it neatly against the bottom left corner of the solar panel:

26 2

5. Launch Snake Bite:

27 2

When done properly, Snake Bite should land at Triple Box:

28 3

Bind B-site – Hooka Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup

35 3

While Default is the safest place to plant the Spike in B-site, the spot to the right of Default is also a great spot if you plan on playing post-plant from Hooka. Alt-Default also gives a better and more direct view of the Spike from Hooka instead of Default itself.

Viper can easily walk out of Hooka and quickly line up a few Snake Bite mollies to help with post-plant Defense.

  1. Look for these stacked boxes next to the Teleporter at B-short:
30 2

2. Stand in the corner between the wall and the stacked boxes:

31 2

3. Turn and look up towards this cloud:

32 2

4. It might be a little hard to see, but place your crosshair a little above this cloud:

image 30

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite:

33 2
35 2

Bind B-site – Default Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup

36 2

This next lineup is for Bind’s B-site Default plant spot. You can never go wrong when planting at any “Default” plant spots on any map in VALORANT. They provide adequate cover while planting the Spike and are open enough for defensive angles. Bind’s Default spot is no different. When done properly, Snake Bite should land just next to the planted Spike:

Your team can hold from various angles to defend the Default plant spot; Hooka is one of them. Viper can step out of Hooka for a bit to line up a post-plant Snake Bite molly to aid the post-plant Defense.

  1. Look for the same boxes at B-short:
37 2

2. Align yourself with the right side of the boxes:

38 2

3. Turn around and look for these overlapping splines:

39 2

4. Place the tip of the Poison Cloud icon on the tip of the fifth spline from the left corner:

image 31

5. Launch Snake Bite:

40 4

When done properly, Snake Bite should cover most of the B-Default area:

41 2

Bind B-site – Default Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup from B-Long

An alternative Default post-plant Snake Bite lineup is the last post-plant lineup on this list.

If you or your teammates are forced away from Hooka by the flanking opponents (which is easy in Bind, no thanks to the teleporter), B-Long is an excellent alternative for defending the Default-planted Spike. To secure your team’s chances of getting the Spike off, Viper can again line up a few of her Snake Bite mollies from B-Long to delay the Spike defuse.

  1. Look for this corner next to the B-Long Teleporter:
42 2

2. Stand in the corner between the wall and the teleporter and look for this corner on the wall:

43 3

3. Take the leftmost HP HUD line and place it on the corner of the wall:

44 2

4. Launch Snake Bite:


When done properly, Snake Bite should land perfectly at B-Default:

45 1

Bound by Toxicity

Bind is one of the more straightforward maps in VALORANT due to the lack of a “Middle” lane that normally splits A and B sites in other maps. Thanks to the narrow entryways into the bombsites, Viper can extract a ton of value from her abilities on Defense by slowing down and delaying the Attackers’ push.

However, Viper probably does her best work when playing as an Attacker on Bind, where she can split sites in half using her Toxic Screen and play amazing post-plant with her Poison Cloud, Snake Bite, and Viper’s Pit. Viper has, without a doubt, become a post-plant juggernaut.

That is about it! Try out these post-plant Snake Bite lineups on Bind and annoy your enemies with Viper’s powerful post-plant prowess.

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