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With three bomb sites to defend on Haven, you will need a Controller/Sentinel hybrid Agent who can solo-defend any bombsite on this beautiful Bhutanese map.

VALORANT: Viper One-way Smokes on Haven (Defending)

In any VALORANT match, teams are limited to five players per side. The traditional A-site-Middle-B-site map layout that many Tactical FPS games have employed is a tested and proven formula that works well with the standard 5v5 setup. It would make sense to adopt the same layouts with VALORANT

However, Riot did not want VALORANT to become another CS: GO clone, so they introduced Agent Abilities and unique map layouts that even FPS veterans have never seen before.

Unique map layouts in mind; this is probably the first time we have seen an FPS game that features a triple-bombsite map regularly used in official competitive play.

With just five players on your team, Haven’s three bomb sites can be tricky to deal with as a Defender on Haven. Thankfully, Agents with powerful stalling and space control abilities such as Viper exist.

This article will teach you how to take advantage of Viper’s unique kit, namely her Poison Cloud ability, so we can set up powerful One-way Smokes to use while solo-defending any Haven bombsite.

Viper Poison Cloud

Viper’s Poison Cloud is a spherical smoke-type ability commonly seen on Controller-type Agents.

What sets Poison Cloud apart from other VALORANT smoke abilities is Viper’s ability to redeploy and manually toggle the smoke throughout the round. (there is an 8-second delay when reactivating the Poison Cloud)

Poison Cloud runs off of Viper’s Fuel Bar – a passive ability that “fuels” her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud abilities.

Unlike other smoke abilities such as Omen’s Dark Cover and Brimstone’s Sky Smoke (which both have a predetermined duration), Viper’s Poison Cloud’s duration is purely dependent on the amount of “Fuel” Viper currently has available.

Poison Cloud does not just function as a smoke cover, though, as any enemy passing through the Poison Cloud will immediately be inflicted with 50 Decay Damage.

As you probably realize, Poison Cloud is a value-packed ability that can serve multiple functions for just about every situation. Knowing how to maximize its benefits will help you solo-defend bombsites when playing Viper.

Haven A-site – A-Main Viper One-way Smoke

Expect the majority of the Attacking team players to take the A-Main route towards Haven A-site.

A-Main is one of two entryways into A-site, the other lane being A-Sewer. This is a direct lane the Attacking team will want to take control of to gain access to the A-site.

The Attacking team will likely split up between A-Main and A-Sewer to maximize their numbers and angles advantage on A-site.

A-site will likely only have a maximum of two Defenders at any given time (since there is B-site, Garage, and C-site to worry about on Haven), which means the Defending team will likely be placed at an apparent numbers disadvantage.

The best-case scenario for you as an A-site Defender? Score a few quick kills to help make site retake easier for your team.

Here is a Viper One-way Smoke on Haven A-site that should help you score a few cheap kills on unsuspecting enemies from the safety of A-Heaven.

  1. Stand on the left side of the A-Heaven window:

2. Look towards this antenna tower at A-Long:

3. Place your crosshair just below this overlapping antenna leg:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should land on this corner at the A-Main wall:

Enemy POV:

Haven A-site – A-Sewer Viper One-way Smoke

Have trouble stopping the Attackers from A-Sewer? Use Viper’s One-way Smoke for A-Sewer.

Depending on which A-site entryway you are having more trouble with, you can opt to use either an A-Main Viper One-way Smoke or this A-Sewer Viper One-way Smoke for A-site Defense.

Either way, you can stall or cut off one of two lanes; the Attacking team might use to enter the A-site.

  1. Stand at least 4-meters away from the A-Sewer Double Boxes:

2. Aim along this spot in the middle of the A-Sewer entrance:

3. Jump + right-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done properly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should land on top of the A-Sewer Double Boxes:

Enemy POV:

Haven B-site – Middle Courtyard Viper One-way Smoke

This Viper One-way Smoke for Middle Courtyard will buy your teammates the time they need to rotate over to B-site.

If the Attacking team decides to take B-site, they will likely take the Middle Courtyard and C-Garage route – there are no other direct lanes the Attacking team can use to enter the B-site aside from those two lanes.

This Viper One-way Smoke for Middle Courtyard should scare off any Attacker from advancing towards B-site.

  1. With the pre-round start barrier still up, stand in this corner at the B-site entrance:

2. Turn to the right and look towards this wall at Middle Courtyard:

3. Aim along with the red colored wood framing of the wall and just under this banner:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud immediately as the round starts:

Enemy POV:

Haven C-site – C-Garage Double Doors Viper One-way Smoke

Fortify your C-Garage defense with this Viper One-way Smoke.

C-Garage is a crucial area that must not fall into the Attacking team’s control. When done properly, the Viper One-way Smoke should land on top of the red-wood frame on the wall:

No C-site Attack is complete without a simultaneous C-Garage flank. C-Long is too easy to aim at and defend using smokes and mollies because of how narrow the lane is.

The Attacking team will want to seize control of C-Garage to split up the C-site Defenders’ attention so that they will not be hyperfocused on the Attacking team players at C-Long.

With this in mind, cutting off C-Garage Double Doors should foil the Attacking team’s C-site take and force them to regroup and rotate to a different bombsite.

  1. Stand between the stacked boxes and the pre-round barrier in C-Garage:

2. Turn around and look for this small snake figurine on top of this C-Garage shelf:

3. Aim for the snake figure’s hat:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done properly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should land on top of C-Garage’s right door:

Enemy POV:

Haven C-site – C-Long to C-site Entrance Viper One-way Smoke

Locking down C-Long should be a cinch with this Viper One-way Smoke.

C-Long is the primary lane for C-site Attacks on Haven.

However, because of how narrow the C-Long lane is, the Attacking team will often make it a point to cross towards C-site as quickly as possible to avoid getting focused fired down the narrow strait.

A simple Viper Poison Cloud along the C-site entrance should do wonders for C-site defense.

You might score a few quick kills at C-Long with this Viper One-way Smoke for C-site Entrance. Stand on top of the C-Default box for the best results.

  1. Stand in this corner by the C-site entrance before the round starts:

2. Look up and look for the upper right corner of this wooden window:

3. Aim for the same corner:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done properly, Viper’s Poison Cloud canister should land on the ledge on the window:

Enemy POV:

Haven C-site – C-Long Viper One-way Smoke from C-Platform

C-Platform offers a powerful Operator sightline towards C-Lobby.

The Attacking team will want to peek out of C-Long to gather information and hopefully net a quick entry kill to kickstart their site entry.

The more common spots the Attacking team will want to check upon site entry are C-Backsite, C-Logs, and the C-Platform area.

With the help of this Viper One-way Smoke, you can peek towards C-Long from behind C-Default and from the C-Platform area safely since you are the only one who can see through the smoke from those angles.

  1. With the pre-round start barrier still up, stand in this corner at the C-site entrance:

2. Look towards this wall at C-Long:

3. Keep your crosshair vertically aligned with the small wire pole, then drag your mouse down until your crosshair rests underneath the bottom part of the fifth block from the left:

4. Left-click-throw Viper’s Poison Cloud:

When done properly, the Poison Cloud canister should land on a small ledge on the wooden window:

Enemy POV:

A Haven for One-way Smokes

There are many Viper One-way Smokes you can use to gain an angle advantage against the Attacking team around Haven – here are some of the most useful ones.

What is awesome about Viper’s Poison Cloud is you can remotely activate this Viper One-way Smokes from anywhere on the map, so your teammates can use them even if you are not around.

With the help of the rest of Viper’s skill set, such as her powerful Snake Bite and Toxic Wall abilities, Viper should have no problems holding down a bombsite on her own on Haven.

That is about it! We hope that you liked this article on Viper One-way Smokes on Haven. You might want to supplement these Viper One-way Smokes with some Viper Snake Bite Lineups that will surely come in handy around Haven!

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