VALORANT: Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Breeze (Post-plant)


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There are a few maps in VALORANT where specific Agents are must-picks, thanks to the map-Agent synergy that naturally accentuates an Agent’s skillset. Sova, for example, is a non-negotiable pick for Ascent, where his Recon Bolt and Shock Bolt Abilities can live out their full potential.

VALORANT: Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Breeze (Post-plant)

Much like how Sova is for Ascent, Viper is pretty much a must-pick at all times in Breeze’s current metagame.

Breeze is VALORANT’s largest map to date. The tropical island map features VALORANT’s largest bomb sites in its overall floor area. Breeze is also home to the longest sightlines in the VALORANT, where weapons such as the Operator and Vandal can truly stretch their legs.

Fortunately, since Breeze’s skybox is wide and open, lineup-dependent Agents such as Sova and KAY/O will have no problems when lining up their Recon Bolt and ZERO/POINT abilities, respectively. This also means that everyone’s favorite Controller/Sentinel hybrid will have zero problems lining up a few of her Snake Bite Lineups for post-plant on Breeze.

Viper Snake Bite

1 3

Viper’s Snake Bite is the most powerful molly ability in-game in terms of overall potential damage. Not only does Snake Bite deal decent damage over a few seconds, but it also applies a unique debuff called “Vulnerable.”

Vulnerable is simply a double damage debuff applied to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. (includes teammates as well) Vulnerable amplifies the damage received from basically any source in-game, which means bullets will also deal double damage to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. Vulnerable lingers for two more seconds after the molly area is vacated.

Viper’s Snake Bite costs 200 credits each and can be equipped for a maximum of two charges per round. Snake Bite has a smaller radius than other molly abilities in the game, but it has a decent duration at 6.5 seconds.

1. Breeze A-site – Right Pyramid Snake Bite Lineup

1 14

The recent 4.0 patch brought minor changes to Breeze’s on-site elements. For Breeze’s A-site, the pool/water has been stretched out to the right side cubby. This gives Attackers more flexibility regarding choices for bomb plant spots on A-site.

The larger and more spacious Right-pyramid will be a lot more forgiving for pixel-perfect lineups. This small change helps with molly lineups for just about any Agent in the game. Post-plant play from both Cave and Shop will likewise be stronger since the bomb will no longer be susceptible to an off-angle defuse by the Defenders and now provides a more direct line of sight towards the planted bomb.

These changes only help Viper’s post-plant Snake Bite lineup, though.

  1. Stand close to the A-Shop entrance:
2 21

2. Look for this patch of leaves on the stone wall:

image 70

3. Place your crosshair on the tip of this inverse V-shaped gap on the leaves:

3 16
image 71

4. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite molly:

4 15

It is pretty difficult to mess this up. Just make sure to stand still when firing the molly:

5 13

2. Breeze A-site – Default Plant Snake Bite Lineup

9 8

If your team’s goal is to quickly get the bomb plant down to play post-plant from Cave and Shop, then an A-Default plant is the way to go. A-Default is a great place to plant the bomb since it gives post-plant Attackers an easy and direct view of the Spike from Cave and Shop.

Viper can hang way back from Attacker Spawn to line up a few of her Snake Bite mollies.

  1. Look for this steel beam at A-Lobby:
10 7

2. Center yourself against the steel beam:

11 7

3. Look for these overhanging metal roof sheets:

12 7

4. Place this bottom-right corner of Viper’s Toxic Screen icon against the lower-left corner of this metal sheet:

13 7

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite molly:

14 6

When done properly, the Snake Bite molly should land perfectly at A-Default:

15 6

3. Breeze A-site – Middle Pyramid Snake Bite Lineup

16 8

In situations where an A-Default or a Right-Pyramid plant is not viable, your team might have no choice but to plant the Spike in the gap between the two Pyramids instead.

You will not have to worry if this happens to be the case. This spot still gives your team a good view of the planted Spike from Cave and Shop.

Once again, Viper can help with the post-plant Defense through her double Snake Bite molly lineups. Here is a quick and easy lineup for A-site “cleavage” or middle Pyramid.

  1. Go to the same Steel Beam at A-Lobby as the previous lineup:
17 7

2. Line yourself up with the Steel Beam:

18 8

3. Look for the same Metal Sheets outside Shop:

19 6

4. Place the bottom-right corner of Viper’s Toxic Screen icon in this small corner on the wall:

20 6

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite molly:

21 7

When done properly, the Snake Bite Vial should slide gently off the side of the right Pyramid and settle on the planted Spike at the middle of both pyramids:

22 6

4. Breeze B-site – B-Open plant for B-Window Snake Bite Lineup

23 5

A Spike plant that offers a direct view of the Spike on post-plant will always be the best option for Attackers. Default plants offer the best sightlines and the best protection against the Defenders. Attackers can hang back from the site itself and play post-plant from a safer location.

These Spike plants are the best-case scenarios for Viper’s Snake Bite molly. If you have read about our previous Snake Bite lineups for the other maps in VALORANT, then you have probably heard us express just how vulnerable Viper is whenever she is out and lining up her post-plant mollies.

For B-site’s Open Plant Spot, however, Viper can hang way back from B-site itself and still be able to contribute to her team’s post-plant play through her Snake Bite molly. As a bonus, a few of her teammates will be able to hold angles from B-Entrance to make sure that the bomb and Viper are safe from Defenders.

  1. Look for this lone wood plank at B-Snake:
24 4

2. Align yourself with the plank:

25 4

3. Look up towards the B-Window wall:

26 6

4. Align this bottom right corner of Viper’s Toxic Screen icon with this edge on the wall:

27 5
28 7

It should fit perfectly:

image 72

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite molly:

29 7

When lined up correctly, Snake Bite should land neatly in front of B-site Pillar:

30 5

5. Breeze B-site – Default Snake Bite Lineup

image 73

The previous Open-plant for B-site is probably the ideal spot to plant the bomb when the opportunity presents itself. However, 90% of the time, your teammates will want to prioritize getting the bomb plant rather than planting the Spike at an ideal post-plant location.

31 5

B-Default is the most common plant spot for Breeze’s B-site for the same reasons that every other map’s “Default” plant spot is a perfect spot to plant the Spike. Breeze’s B-site Default provides quick cover from rotating Defenders from both Arches and Tunnel. B-Default also offers a direct sightline for any post-plant Attacker holding from B-Window.

To further reinforce your team’s chances at winning post-plant, here is a quick and easy Snake Bite molly lineup for B-site Default:

  1. Go to the same wood plank at B-Snake:
32 7

2. Align yourself with the wooden plank:

33 7

3. Look towards the same wall as the previous lineup:

34 6

4. Place the left tip of Viper’s Ultimate ability charge indicator on this tiny black dot in the bush (where the wall ends and the bush starts):

35 6

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite Molly:

37 5

When lined up properly, Viper’s Snake Bite molly should land at B-Default without any drama:

36 5

6. Breeze B-site – Tunnel Plant Snake Bite Lineup

This open Tunnel plant is not a very common plant location for Breeze’s B-site. However, we think everyone understands there are a ton of very weird rounds in VALORANT where Default plays and tactics are not viable at that very moment.

For moments where an open plant for B-Tunnel is the best that your team can do, here is a Snake Bite molly lineup to help defend that plant spot:

  1. Look for this half-wall at Mid-Top:
39 7

2. Align yourself with the edge of the wall:

40 7

3. Look for this hole on the upper Tunnel wall:

41 4

4. Place the tip of the Poison Cloud icon on the upper edge of this hole:

42 4

5. Launch Viper’s Snake Bite molly:

43 6

It is tough to miss this lineup. The Snake Bite molly should land cleanly by the B-Pillar:

44 4

Toxic Breeze

Snake Bite lineups are, well, a breeze on this map. This tropical map’s open and spacious layout will welcome just about any utility lineup with open arms.

Breeze is a map where Viper is borderline overpowered; her Toxic Wall can split sites into two smaller halves, and her Snake Bite mollies can be lined up from basically anywhere on the map for unbeatable post-plant Defense.

Viper is a must-pick in Breeze, just like Sova is a non-negotiable asset in Ascent. Breeze’s layout takes full advantage of Viper’s entire kit. It is hard to pass up the numerous plusses that Viper brings to any team on Breeze.

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