VALORANT: Viper’s Pit Placement on Bind (Rat Ult)


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Make your enemies cringe with these Viper’s Pit placements on Bind.

VALORANT: Viper's Pit Placement on Bind (Rat Ult)

If only there was a way to track rounds won when Viper players use their Ultimate ability, Viper would probably sit at the very top of that list.

Viper’s Ultimate ability, Viper’s Pit, is arguably the most powerful Ultimate for securing post-plant play on any map in VALORANT. Not only does it cover a large area in any bombsite, but it also reduces enemy players’ HP (Decay), and reduced their vision when inside Viper’s Pit.

While you can place Viper’s Ultimate Ability any way you like and still get decent results from it, there are more effective placements that will give you a cheeky hiding spot where you can play post-plant safely and follow up with your Snake Bite mollies when necessary.

Viper’s Pit Placement on Bind A-site

This first Viper’s Pit Placement on Bind A-site can guarantee you a round win as long as you place the Viper’s Pit correctly and line up with Viper’s Snake Bite molly to help with post-plant.

One thing to note is that the “Rat Pit” in this setup is pretty close to U-Hall, which means that enemy players inside U-Hall will be able to hear you jump-throw Viper’s Snake Bite molly. Make sure you hear the bomb defuse sound queue first so maximize your Snake Bite’s effectiveness.

  1. Plant the Spike in this spot away from the tank:
image 36

2. Aim between the middle and rear wheels of the tank:

image 20
image 21

3. Use Viper’s Pit:

image 22

4. The “Pit” will be located in this small corner:

image 23

5. Align yourself with this petal marking on the wall:

image 32

5. Aim towards the lower right side of this marking on the wall:

image 33

6. Jumpthrow Viper’s Snake Bite molly:

image 34

When done properly, Viper’s Snake Bite molly should land on A-Default and cover an area around the Spike.

image 37

Viper’s Pit Placement on Bind B-site

This B-site Rat Pit setup is a little easier to pull off than the A-site setup just because B-site requires a less intricate post-plant Snake Bite lineup.

That said, you’re going to need to make sure that there is no enemy inside Viper’s Pit before you make your way to the “Rat Pit” spot. After which, it’s as simple as lining up your Snake Bite lineups to help with post-plant defense.

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Default:
image 38

2. Aim for the dark spot just outside Hooka:

image 40
image 39

3. Activate Viper’s Pit:

image 41

4. Plant the Spike in the same corner:

image 42

The “Rat Pit” spot is located in the corner with the solid box behind B-Default:

image 43

For the post-plant lineup, simply place the small diamond of the Snake Bite mouse click indicator on top of this dark spot on the box:

1 2
2 2

Then jump throw Viper’s Snake Bite molly:

image 44

When done properly, Viper’s Snake Bite molly should cover the area around the Spike:

image 45

Ratty Tactics

These Viper’s Pit placements on Bind are guaranteed to thoroughly frustrate your enemies and prompt them into calling you a tryhard in-game. That’s fine, really, as long as you’re securing rounds and winning games.

Of course, these Viper’s Pit placements might not be viable in some rounds where you just really need to get your Ultimate Ability up. In these cases, simply using Viper’s Pit to secure the round is better than not using it at all. However, whenever you have the luxury of time to set up these ratty Viper’s Pit placements, use them, as these are definitely great for post-plant play on Bind.

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