Can you play Valorant with a controller?


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VALORANT is a multiplayer-only tactical shooter game exclusive to PC. The beta isn’t only unavailable to console players, it’s also not available anywhere outside of Europe and North America. At least, of course, if you don’t use a VPN, which can make the whole experience very prone to high pings and frustration.

Can you play Valorant with a controller?

So, being a PC-exclusive title, it’s understandable VALORANT is very focused on the mouseand-keyboard experience.

But can you use a controller to play VALORANT?

Yes. The game lacks anything past basic controller support as of this moment. The demand for controller support isn’t exactly a hot button issue for Riot Games, especially considering VALORANT is a tactical shooter that relies on precision aiming and recoil control.

Combined with the current pandemic crisis, this makes extra features like that can take more time than usual. High-quality controller support just isn’t a main focus for the developers and that’s understandable.

However, you can still play with a controller, if you really want to. Hook up a basic controller and play the game using it. There’s no aim assist as of now, meaning that you’ll be at a large disadvantage. This is probably done to avoid the aim assists issues some controller-supported games have.

A lot of mouse and keyboard players feel like aim assist is bordering on a developer-sanctioned soft aimbot. You’ll have to use third-party software. This will make the controller come off to the PC as a keyboard and mouse-That way you’ll be able to make your own keybindings through programs like reWASD.

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What makes VALORANT a great game?

VALORANT is a game where precision, communication, and strategy are key for victory. The game is heavily inspired by CS:GO, Rainbow 6: Siege, and Overwatch, to name a few. Despite being a shooter, VALORANT also has a lot in common with League of Legends, another hit by Riot Games. That mentality of having a hero and using his special, magical abilities to win is still there.

On top of that, VALORANT is also a more cartoony, unrestricted universe, at least compared to other tactical shooters such as Counter-Strike. While the gameplay loop may be extremely similar, the overall feel of the game could be more different due to the superpowers and sci-fi gadgets available to most agents. We have comprehensive guides on all agents in the game.
So, if you enjoy tactical shooters and like a more cartoony art style, combined with a new and developing community, VALORANT may be the game for you.

It’s already conquering the steam platform Twitch. Will this be a one-hit-wonder of a game or the new tactical shooter to get us excited about playing matches and following the e-sports scene? We don’t know yet, but so far, the game has a lot of promise.

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