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If you’ve played tarkov for a while you’ve undoubtedly ran into some issues with keeping your stash orderly, some of you might have even run into problems making room in your stash at all. Between all the keys, medical items, ammo, and other equipment you’ve stocked up on inbetween raids, it’s hard to keep enough room to have a stock of loadouts available instead of having to buy new gear in between every raid. I’m here to help you figure out how to increase stash size in Escape From Tarkov.

How to Increase Stash Size Escape From Tarkov

Hideout Upgrades

While expensive, upgrading your Stash in the hideout is one of the most effective ways of increasing your storage space. Each step does take a large investment though, and is best worked on in steps.

Upgrading the Stash for the first time, from 10×26 to 10×36, requires
⦁ 3,500,000 Roubles
⦁ 1 Hand Drill
⦁ 7 Packs of Screws
⦁ 4WD-40 100ml.

The upgrade will take 24 hours to complete. (10×36 is the starting Stash size for the Left Behind edition of EFT)

Increasing Stash size to 10×46 requires having a level 2 Heating and Vents in the Hideout. As well as having the vendors Prapor and Ragman at level 3, and
⦁ 8.5 million Roubles
⦁ 2 Electric Drills
⦁ 8 Packs of Screws
The upgrade time will take 48 hours. (10×46 is the default size for the Prepare for Escape edition of EFT)

Finally, going from 10×46 to 10×66 requires a
⦁ Level 3 Generator, Workbench, Heating, and Intelligence Center
⦁ Level 4 Peacekeeper and Ragman.
Aside from those prerequisites, level 4 stash will cost only 150,000 Euros, and take 96 hours to complete. (This is the default Stash size for Edge of Darkness)

Again, each of these is very expensive and can be easily sliced up into multiple steps. Don’t worry though, there are more immediate options.


Cases are the next most evident, and probably the handiest way to increase inventory size since it can be achieved at a much lower price. The Tarkov Community Wiki has a full list of cases and what they can hold here, but while this lists effective sizes and what the cases can hold, it doesn’t list the most useful information to new players: importance and availability.

These are the three most valuable and easily accessible cases for new players.

Best Cases Worth Getting For New Players

Ammo cases

Ammo case

Ammo cases are ridiculously efficient and fairly cheap. While each space of inventory can hold around 30 to 60 rounds of a given ammunition, there are dozens of different bullet types.
⦁ Takes up a 2×2 inventory space, provides a 7×7 space
⦁ Sold by mechanic level 2, and can be traded at mechanic level 1
⦁ Also widely available for less than 150k Roubles on the flea market.

Meds Case

Med Case

A Meds Case is only good for carrying medical gear, but it can carry a lot.
⦁ Takes up a 3×3 inventory space, but provides a 7×7 space
⦁ Can only store medical gear and medical related loot
⦁ Usually around 300k on the flea market
⦁ Tradable at Therapist Level 2

Key Tool

Key Tool

Extremely useful, even in Raid
⦁ Occupies only a single inventory slot, but provides 16
⦁ Can only carry keys
⦁ Can be traded for at level 3 Therapist
⦁ Available reliably on the flea market for 500k Roubles
⦁ Can be used in-raid to hold many keys at once

Bags and Rigs

I won’t be listing actual bags and rigs here, just know that the vast majority of them actually have at least a 1:1 efficiency for the inventory they take up, although you will have to pay attention to how they split up their storage. The only rigs that don’t at least match their inventory space are

⦁ 6B5-16 Zh -86 “Uley” armored rig
⦁ 6B5-15 Zh -86 “Uley” armored rig

And the only bags that don’t are
⦁ Tactical Sling Bag
⦁ VKBO Army Bag

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