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The game Visage has a lot of interesting and fairly difficult puzzles. Sometimes, there is absolutely no chance that you solve a puzzle without a little “push” or some help.

Visage: How to Find the Tea Box

Dolores will give you a key which will be marked “tea box”. So, basically you will need to find a tea box to use the key on. However, upon closer inspection, you won’t find the tea box in the kitchen, or anywhere else that would make sense to have a tea box there.

Don’t worry, we will tell you the tea box’s exact location!

How to Find the Tea Box – Visage Chapter 2

If you haven’t found Dolores, and she still hasn’t given you the key marked “tea box”, then follow the first guide.

However, if you only want the tea box’s location, then go to the second one.


  1. First, get a sledge hammer. You’ll need to use it for the mirrors.
  2. Go to the basement.
  3. Navigate to this place:
  4. Right of the sheet seen on the picture above, there should be a mirror. Break it, and get ready for a scare!
  5. Go inside and speak with Dolores to get the tea box key!

Tea Box

  1. Exit the basement.
  2. Go up the stairs.
  3. Get to the attic. Here is how it looks:
  4. Use something to pull on the lever.
  5. Go up the stairs. Then, go right and take the left, when you get to the end take a right and walk up to the creepy chair.
  6. Left of it, you will find the tea box!

Use the key that Dolores gave you to open the box. After that, the game will prompt you that you have found some “special” tea!

You can then go to the basement again, where you found Dolores, only to find out that she isn’t there. A cup of hot water will be on the table, and you can use the tea there.

However, without giving you any spoilers, you will get a pretty good jump scare here, as Dolores will catch you using the tea for her!

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