How to Get Roze Skin in Warzone


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Warzone’s many Operators each have their own skins, and many more are released as time goes on. One of the most desired skins is Roze’s Rook skin, which had a fair share of controversy. If you’re interested in this unique look, you may be disappointed.

How to Get Roze Skin in Warzone

Since the season is over, there’s no way to obtain the skin anymore. However, we’ll list out how to get it for posterity. In addition, you’ll find out how Roze’s skins have plagued the Warzone community.

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How to Get the Near Dark and Murk Roze Skin

To get the Rook skin, you had to reach Tier 100 in the Season Five Battle Pass. This process involves playing the game regularly and progressing through the Battle Pass.

Alternatively, you can also pay for tiers to get it instantly. It was also possible to combine both manual progression and buying tiers to reach Tier 100.

Upon reaching Tier 100, there were a few challenges to complete before you could get the skin.

One of them was to use Roze as your Allegiance Operator and blind enemies twice with Flash Grenades. Next was to pick up three weapons with her as your Allegiance Operator, too.

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The third challenge involved using Roze in a finishing move, while the final one was to use Five Field Upgrades with Roze in Warzone or Modern Warfare.

The second challenge rewarded you with the Near Dark skin, which resembled the Rook skin, albeit brighter and easier to detect. To get the Murk skin, you needed to finish the fourth challenge instead.

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A Controversial Skin

The older Rook skin for Roze led to considerable backlash. It was a Season 4 Tier 100 reward for the Battle Pass, and people called it “pay-to-win.” If skins are supposed to be cosmetic only, what was wrong with this one?

The answer is that the Rook skin was simply too dark. Players using the skin could hide in the shadows without fear of detection. They could conceal themselves even better if they didn’t move.

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What’s more, the Rook skin wasn’t very reflective either. Flashlights wouldn’t work very well if you wanted to look for a person.

In Warzone, the gameplay is incredibly tactical, and neither side wanted to give others an advantage. However, the Rook skin was inherently broken.

Compared to Rook, Near Dark was much more visible in poorly-lit areas. It didn’t take as much effort to find players using this skin.

When Rook was still obtainable, players were complaining about how broken it was. This backlash was why the developers rushed to release an updated version.

Today, the problem has long been resolved. There won’t be any jump-scares from the dark anymore.

Hide in the Shadows

Although you can’t get these Roze skins anymore, they left a rather entertaining story for future gamers. It’s not often that developers make mistakes like this and create an overpowered skin. For now, we can rest assured that all skins currently released won’t affect gameplay directly.

Did you manage to get the Roze skins? Did Rook skin-wearing players kill you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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