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Even though Wasteland 3 offers a full squad of six characters with all unique abilities, some companions can also assist you in your journey. Most people brush them off as non-essential, but these fantastic creatures add so much character to the game.

Wasteland 3 - All Companion Locations

Furthermore, they offer fascinating stats that could impact your squad’s efficiency. You have to be careful with taming these creatures since, in Wasteland 3, everything is high-stakes. Meaning, if you make the wrong choice, it would cost you that companion, and you will never acquire it.

Don’t let that scare you, though. Most of them are very easy to get if you know what you are looking for and find them. That is why you need to know all the companion locations.

What Are All The Companion Locations in Wasteland 3

There are also many weird companions you can get. They are very surreal, but that is to be expected from such a great game.

The unusual companions are mostly just trophies of achievement rather than killing machines. However, if you want to acquire these, they are usually harder to get, and some even require additional playing hours.

Where are the companions located in Wasteland 3?

Marshal Kwon

Kwon can be easily acquired, and you can get him pretty early in the game. You will get him naturally by following the story-line of the game.

Class: Lowkeeper
Weapon: Assault Rifle
Location: Ranger HQ

Jodie Bell

Bell is probably the first companion you will recruit. You can get it just after the opening sequence. However, the chances are that you don’t get it. This is because you need to save this companion. After all, Jodie is being held at gunpoint. So, if you already passed this mission and didn’t save Jodie, you won’t acquire it.

Class: Driver
Weapon: Sniper
Location: Ranger HQ

Lucia Wesson

Firstly seen at the Sheriff’s Office, and her family will be kidnapped.
Class: Gunslinger
Weapon: Revolver
Location: Sheriff’s Office at Downtown Colorado Springs


Scotchmo is a drunk that roams around the Bizarre sometimes and is pretty easy to get. But, he is not that useful unless acquired at the start.

Class: Hobo
Weapon: Shotgun
Location: Ranger HQ

Ironclad Cordite

There is a big chance to miss this companion since he is acquired from a side activity, which is not obligatory. If recruited, he will change the ending of the main story in a big way.

Class: Warlord
Weapon: /
Location: Survivalist Bunker – Broadmoor Heights


One of the most robust companions. He is the best melee choice of companion by far. You either choose between Fishlips or Ironclad.

Class: Scrapper
Weapon: Bladed Weapon
Location: Union Station

Victory Buchanan

You will see Victory for the first time when visiting Aspen or Little Hell. He is a psychopath with a weapon.

Class: Psychopath
Weapon: Pistol
Location: Aspen / Little Hell

Pizepi Joren

Pizepi is one of the more “sophisticated” companions you can get. Interestingly, she and Scortchmo are both NPCs from Wasteland 2. You can recruit Joren pretty quickly.

Class: Researcher
Weapon: SMG
Location: Aspen / Little Hell

There are also the weird companions who shoot burning toast at you or any number of bizarre things. However, those require some patience and diligence to get. If you want to get the weird cyborg chicken Poultron companion, we have already covered how to get it here: Wasteland 3 – How To Get Poultron Companion. Good luck, Ranger!

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