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Wasteland 3 is packed with possibilities to increase the stats of individual Rangers. Each Ranger has his unique abilities, perks, weapons, and stats. But in Wasteland 3, there are quests and loot that you can get and craft, which will benefit the whole squad of Rangers.

Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations | Where to find

Likewise are the Creepy Dolls in Wasteland 3. The game also tells you that even though these dolls are very creepy, they grant a potent buff to your party members. That’s why it is vital to know the Creepy Doll locations.

All Creepy Doll Locations in Wasteland 3

There are fifteen creepy dolls overall. Each particular doll grants a different buff. Almost all of them come with percentage buffs. For example, they give increased sneak attack damage, increased hit chance, melee bonus, etc.

Where are creppy dolls located, and what are their buffs?

Radical Rachel – +5% Explosive Damage

Find the room that became the museum in Ranger HQ. In the corner, you will find the doll.

Maneater Maury – +15 Con

This doll is located in the Bizarre Exterior. Go right of the north hallway.

Lethal Lance – +1 Penetration

On a quest, you will reach the Monster Army Bunker. In the last room of the bunker is the doll.

Cruel Corey – +5% Damage to Animals

Left of the stairs in Denver’s main building is Cruel Corey.

Electric Emmet – +5% Energy Weapon Damage

You have to check this place a couple of times because sometimes the doll doesn’t spawn. Its location is in Machine Commune outside of the main building.

Keen Karen – +1 Perception

Karen is west of Bellamy Wards Workshop in Garden of the Gods. You will have to dig the doll up.

Hearty Henry – +10% Healing bonus

In a green bag in the bunker of Aspen, you will find creepy Henry.

Ferocious Francesca – +5% Melee Damage

In Little Hell, look for the Guest Suites. Inside, next to a cage, is this doll.

Zen Zoey – +2% Hit Chance

In Snowed Inn Resort right of the entrance, a fight between animals and humans takes place is the creepy doll.

Nervous Nancy – +0.5 Seconds Detection Time

This one is tricky because you need the highest level of anti-radiation on the Kodiak. The Department of Energy Site in the darkest room is Nervous Nancy.

Purist Patty – +5% Damage to Mutants

South of the Ghost Town, next to the Abandoned Oil Well, there will be mobs. Attack these mobs. After a while, they disappear, leaving loot with this creepy doll inside.

Quick Quaid – +5% Sneak damage

Go to the Knox Bison Ranch. It is located east of Gett’s Homestead. The creepy doll can be looted from a corpse.

F*g Fred – +5% Damage to Humans

To get Fred, you firstly need to get a radio intermission by Dead Red, urging you to break someone out of prison. After you successfully do that, find a dying man on the bed and look for the doll’s chest. This happens in Old Survivalist’s Bunker.

Angry Aaron – +5% Critical Resistance

At the most easterly point in Godfisher Windfarm, next to the Shrine summit, is a box with the creepy doll inside. Be wary. There are deadly traps scattered everywhere.

Hyper Heather – +5% Initiative

After you take out Liberty in Yuma Speedway, you will find the last doll in Liberty’s locker.

Make sure to get all these Creepy Dolls because, as mentioned above, their additional buffs can be very beneficial for your entire Ranger Squad.

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