Wasteland 3 Electrohelmet Location – Where to Find


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Wasteland 3 has many unique armors in its game; this, among others, makes this game so special. With the number of battles you will have on this game, you will need all of these unique armors to come out on top.

Wasteland 3 Electrohelmet Location - Where to Find

These kinds of armors can be found while looting, some are given as achievements rewards, and some can be found in the game world. Let’s see where can we find Electro Helmet…

Wasteland 3 – Electrohelmet location

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The electrohelmet can be found at the Monster Army Bunker. Once you are there, go to your map, select the Entrance Lobby location, and then walk to the upper side of the room. There you will find a safe, inside it it’s the Electrohelmet.

Electro Helmet Effect in Wasteland 3

As we can see from its name, this is on the Head Armor category of the game. This helmet requires 3 Weird Science to be equipped; it also grants +4 Armor and the Electrohelmet ability. From this ability, you can do from 32-48 more damage, and if you succeed in it, it applies a shock to your enemy.

electro helmet wasteland 3

Other things to keep in mind if you are going for the Electrohelmet is that it requires a certain level of Strength; if that is accomplished, you can equip it with no problems. You can still wear this helmet if you don’t meet this requirement, but you will face a 15% decrease in your hit chance.

You can upgrade or improve this electrohelmet by placing armor mods on it. Just be sure to equip the mod you want to use since if you try to change it, the mod you had previously on it will be lost.

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