Wasteland 3 : Frostbite Unique Revolver Location



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There are numerous unique weapons in Wasteland 3. Many also come with their unique abilities. One particularly useful gun would be the Frostbite Unique Revolver.

Wasteland 3 : Frostbite Unique Revolver Location

This gun cannot be purchased from merchants or looted from mobs. You have to get to a particular location to get it. The Frostbite is from the energy weapons family in Wasteland 3. Players are unsure if this weapon existed in Wasteland 2. But there are many close similarities to other guns with a different name.

Because this weapon is unique, you can expect to get good stats from it. However, it does require a specific level of skill to be equipped. Nevertheless, if you want to equip it with a lower level, you can, but it will have some unwanted effects on your stats. To get this weapon, you need to know the Frostbite Unique Revolver location.

Location For The Frostbite Unique Revolver In Wasteland 3

Like we mentioned above, this weapon has some impressive stats. However, it does not have a unique ability, much like the other unique weapons that can be acquired in the game.

It is unfortunate, but you can do some exciting ranger builds with this weapon. The main requirement is Level five Small Arms skill.

Where can you get the Frostbite?

  1. Travel to Warrens.
  2. Make your way to the Prison Block of Warrens. Be careful from mobs. The place is packed with them.
  3. Find cell 109 or 139 (the numbers can’t be seen clearly). When you find it go inside.
  4. Crack open the safe on the right (Lockpicking 7 Required). Inside you will find the Frostbite Unique Revolver along with a fair amount of cash.
  5. The Frostbite is a small arms weapon in Wasteland 3. It has a range of 10.5 and 6 Energy ammo capacity. Of course, you can add a modification to this weapon to increase stats. Damage-wise, you can expect somewhere from 52-64, with a firearm AP of 3.
  6. The selling price is $843, but the chances for anyone selling this weapon are slim because it can go well with many builds. You can expect bonus damage on mutants, humans, and animals, i.e., most living organisms.

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