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In Wasteland 3, cash is mostly used as a trading commodity. You can buy certain items, weapons, gears, materials, and other various stuff with money. You can also sell things that you find on your journey to get some cash. Furthermore, you can get some money from loot boxes, loot from mobs, and NPCs. But what are Tarjan Tokens?

Wasteland 3 - Tarjan Tokens | Where To Find

Tarjan Tokens can be viewed as a trading currency as well. With Tarjan Tokens, you can get or buy completely different things. Mostly, these things come in the form of skills, perks, and buffs.

These tokens are crucial to your squad’s stats. If you want to maximize your in-game ability, you will need to get Tarjan Tokens. But how do you get Tarjan Tokens?

Tarjan Tokens In Wasteland 3

They appear to be just brushed gold coins when you loot them, and they can be sold for $10. But whatever you do, do not sell these coins.

As mentioned above, these tokens are a currency that can be used at the Tarjan Vending machine. These tokens can be found only in toasters spread out in Colorado. Some of the buffs you get will either last permanently or for a limited time.

Where is the Tarjan Vending Machine located? You can find the vending machine in the Cabinet of Curiosities in Bizarre. When in the Cabinet of Curiosities, go to the back next to the giant stone throne is the machine.

The tokens can be used only once, and they are four in total. Rangers can get buffs unlimited amount of times, but they cannot get the same one.

Once you get a permanent buff, the other Rangers have no chances of getting it.

To get the Tarjan Tokens, you need the toasters. The toaster locations are:

  • Broadmoor Heights – Wesson Family House
  • Ranger HQ – East Side Mess Hall
  • Sans Luxe Apartments – Opposite from Irv’s Apartment
  • Hoon Homestead – East of Colorado Springs

After you have all the toasters, you can repair them to get the Tarjan Tokens. You have four in total, so be careful which skills and buffs you get. The possible perks, buffs, and effects you can get are:

Magic Fingers: Increase Barter skill by one for three hours.

Lightning Strikes Twice: Next five attacks from Ranger have 100% Crit Chance.

The cunning of Tarjan: 25% experience boost for three hours.

Eye of Tarjan: +2 Penetration and +1 Cold Resistance. – PERMANENT

Precognition: +10 Evasion. – PERMANENT

Fortune Cookie: +15 Constitution. – PERMANENT

Be careful which permanent buffs you get on which Ranger since they don’t overlap. You can get all three permanents with one limited time. Choose carefully Ranger!

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