Wasteland 3 La Perla – How To Eliminate


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In Wasteland 3, the side missions you get are often more interesting than the main quests. They usually offer fancier rewards, but it is also important to note that some don’t have any rewards. Nevertheless, there are still fun because it gives the game a broader look and more immersive experience.

Wasteland 3 La Perla – How To Eliminate

What’s right for the Slaver’s Bounty quest is that it is an exhilarating activity that ultimately makes you choose between life and death of an in-game character. The stakes are high, and it is up to you on how you want to finish the quest. One way involves killing La Perla, so we cover how to eliminate La Perla in this how-to.

How To Eliminate La Perla In Wasteland 3

You will need to follow the steps outlined below because sometimes this side activity can cause some bugs. Often it cannot be finished successfully. The quest is intended for players with a minimum of level 15. It can be started by talking to La Perla in outside of the Ranger Headquarters.

Furthermore, La Perla is known for being quite strong, so you need to look out for that. How to finish the Slaver’s Bounty quest?

  1. Talk to La Perla. The main objective she gives you is to find an escaped slave called Hallie and expose her to La Perla or warn Hallie that they are searching for her.
  2. Upon talking to her, you will acquire a code that opens a secret location at HQ. She will promise to give the second one after Hallie’s return.
  3. Go and find Hallie. She is located at Downtown Colorado Springs entrance next to the refugees at the Marshal’s Station.
  4. After finding her, you will be given a choice to let her go, or lie to her and turn her in. If you want to kill La Perla, you will need to choose to let her go.
  5. When you let her go, you can return to La Perla and start attacking the slavers. You can also let the slavers go, but that is not very fun.
  6. Letting Hallie go will earn you +10 Wastelander Refugees reputation points. However, if you deliver her, you would get the vault’s codes, which will have some pretty good tanker gear.

Before initiating this Slaver’s Bounty quest, make sure to turn your autosave off to prevent unwanted saves if the game bugs out. Good luck!

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