Wasteland 3 : Nitro Thrower Unique Weapon Location



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Wasteland 3 has become the pinnacle of exciting weaponry in games. It features enormous guns with many customizable possibilities and unique effects and visuals.

Wasteland 3 : Nitro Thrower Unique Weapon Location

These weapons, the more unusual, the harder it is to acquire it. Some can be bought, others can be obtained with quests, but some need to be found. The more special ones are usually those that need to be found. Because of this, many want to know the Nitro Thrower Unique weapon location in Wasteland 3.

Location For The Nitro Thrower Unique Weapon

The Nitro Thrower is a massive gun in the game. Its type is already in the name. The weapon is a flamethrower. To equip it, you need to have six Big Guns skill. The range for the Nitro Thrower is up to 10.5 with a two-slot ammo capacity.

Stats can be changed, but they require additional mods to do so. Some weapons feature their unique ability on top of mods, and the Nitro Thrower is no different.

The Nitro Thrower Unique weapon location is in the Clown Museum. To get to the weapon, you will need to solve a quick puzzle.

In the Clown Museum, just after the ballerinas, there is a tiny shack. To go in, you need to play two rangers. One should be at the door while the other on the blue spot in the bowling area behind the shack.

When standing on this spot, it gives the shack electricity so you could open the door. Inside the chests, you will find the Nitro Thrower.

To do this, you will need to switch characters and go into solo mode with each of the two Rangers. If you have an issue, firstly position the Ranger at the bowling area as a squad. Then, go to solo mode and open the door. Good luck!

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