Wasteland 3 – Ancient Love Letter Puzzle | How to Solve



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In all of the Wasteland games, there are many quests and missions throughout the immersive worlds. And on top of that, Wasteland has many unexpected interactions, side quests, and puzzles in the game.

Wasteland 3 – Ancient Love Letter Puzzle | How to Solve

Most of these interactions and puzzles are very hard, just like the game itself. There is one particular puzzle you can do in Wasteland 3 called the Ancient Love Letter puzzle.

Ancient Love Letter Puzzle in Wasteland 3

It says it in the name “Love Letter.” The lore says that this letter was sent by one of the soulmates, expressing love and test for the bond between them.

The letter states that one has left the other a puzzle to solve to test how strong the relationship is between these lovers. This letter can be found either in the safe of Casady’s Fine Clothes in Downtown Colorado Springs or the Memorial Park in Broadmoor Heights.

The letter price for selling is $5, but do you want to sell it? What do you get and how do you solve this Ancient Love Letter Puzzle:

  • If you already have the letter, go to Memorial Park in Broadmoor Heights. If not, you can either get it there or if you lockpick the safe of Casady’s Fine Clothes.
  • In the Memorial Park, go to the first bench you see after coming down the park’s stairs. Interact, and you will see that there is a key under the bench. Pick up the key.
  • Now you have a strange key for a box. The box is located under a tree, which is furthest in the corner east of the staircase.
  • Upon interacting with the tree, you will find a box and don’t use lockpicking to open it but rather the key you have.
  • Spoiler alert! From the box, you will receive $200 and an item called “Pelt of Proposal.” This is unfortunate for the players who sold the letter for $5 or discarded it. If you already sold the message, try to find it on the second location apart from the one you already found it in.

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