Wasteland 3 : Shrink Ray Unique Science Weapon Location



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In Wasteland 3, the most exciting weapons are the science weapons, and so you need to have some ingenuity to find the Shrink Ray weapon location.

Wasteland 3 : Shrink Ray Unique Science Weapon Location

After completing Stranger in Strange Land Mission, you can get the Shrink Ray handgun. It has an exceptional ability where it deals plasma damage and humorlessly shrinks your enemies. The weapon also reduces the armor of enemies. Unsurprisingly, his gun is excellent when you have teammates since you can tactically shrink enemies while your team kills them.

The Location For The Shrink Ray Weapon

You can find the Shrink Ray in the Secret Prison of Broadmoor Heights.

However, there is a unique way to enter this location. The following is a guide into acquiring the Shrink Ray:

  1. Go to Broadmoor Heights.
  2. A specific NPC has to contact you for you to acquire the Shrink Ray. The NPC is Angela Deth, and she will give you a mission to rescue another NPC called Ironclad.
  3. After the conversation with Angela, go to the Buchanan Monument in Broadmoor Heights. The monument is on the map.
  4. ⦁ Interact with the statue, and read the plaque. Pick one of the options which will enable you to open the figure. This monument is the entrance to the Secret Prison.
  5. Upon entering, walk in a straight line from the spawn spot, and a question mark will appear on the mini-map. Click the debris, and you will find the Shrink Ray there.

Now, whether you are playing with fellow teammates or solo, you can have much fun shrinking your enemies with Shring Ray weapon. Have fun!

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