Wasteland 3 : Sonic Emitter Unique Utility Item Location



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The Sonic Emitter Unique is part of the Utility items in Wasteland 3. Utilities resemble items or accessories which, when equipped, can buff the stats of the player on top of the effects it gives.

Wasteland 3 : Sonic Emitter Unique Utility Item Location

You can loot these items from crates, enemies, chests, or bought by merchants. These items have individual attribute requirements that you need to have to equip them. You can wear items when you don’t have the required attributes. However, some adverse effects can be placed on you when you do this.

The Location For The Sonic Emitter Unique Utility Item

The Sonic Emitter Unique Utility item can be found in Warrens. Selling price for the Sonic Emitter Unique is $500. Its unique ability is the possibility to stun your enemies, which makes this weapon fall into powerful support items.

You need 6 Weird Science stat points to wield it. To get Sonic Emitter Unique do :

  • Travel to Warrens. You need to have Lock picking level 8 if you want to pass.
  • Upon spawning, walk in a straight line until you reach a fence with lights saying “Open” and “Disco Made Me Do It.” It is located in the most western part of Warrens.
  • You will find an NPC there called DJ R.I.P. Interact with the DJ and confirm that you are there for the DJ R.I.P. contest.
  • The NPC will ask you whether, in 1984, New York was attacked by a giant marshmallow, answer it with “Not.”.

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