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In Wasteland 3, the Union Station mission i.e., “Call To Action,” is undoubtedly the most challenging mission in the game. This is so surprising because this quest is a secondary mission or a mission that is not mandatory. Usually, secondary tasks are way easier than primary ones. However, Call To Action may cause you to raise some eyebrows.

Wasteland 3 : Union Station Puzzle | How to Solve

On this quest, you have to be very diligent because most of the place is rigged with explosives or contaminated liquids. There are many challenging parts to this mission, but one of the most challenging ones is the Union Station puzzle. Let’s see how to solve Union Station Puzzle.

Union Station Puzzle – How To Solve

Once you pass Fishlips, you will be able to move about freely at the Union Station. After fighting the doctor in the first building and using the terminal, you will need to find the path to Morningstar.

This entrance is located left of the building entrance, so be careful. You will need Explosives Level 7 to disarm the booby traps. When the explosives are disarmed, you can casually walk in.

Once inside, Morningstar will come on the radio, saying that your squad is very close to him, and that entrance will lead you to him. But the gate will be concealed, and you will need to solve the puzzle to open the hidden door.

How to solve Union Station Puzzle?

  1. In the hallway, go to the first room on the right.
  2. You will see four electrical cables, with levers to control. Pull the first lever located left from the door when going in.
  3. Pull the second one-two times. The second one is the right of the entrance when looking west.
  4. Now go to the next one, the closest one which will be left of you. Pull this lever once.
  5. Next, pull the last lever on the north-west side of the room in the corner.
  6. Lastly, pull the lever that was right of the entrance door when looking west.
  7. The main cable that is in the middle will flash green now. That is what you need.
  8. Go to the other room located behind the western wall of the current place you are in.
  9. Click the control box on the wall, and the bookshelves will move, opening a staircase going down.

That is how you solve the Union Station Puzzle. This is a challenging part of the Call To Action mission, and many players get stuck on this part.

If you are experiencing bugs and issues on this mission, read how to fix them here: Wasteland 3 Union Station Bug: How To Fix.

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