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In Wasteland 3, there is no shortage of customizations. As if the world was small and possibilities were little, the developers wanted to add on top of that and give the game endless freedom with customization.

Wasteland 3 Vampire Outfit | Where To Find

From Exoskeketon outfits to vampire outfit, it is safe to say that you can have fun customizing your rangers. The vampire outfit in Wasteland 3 seems like a full-blown skin of Dracula. It doesn’t just mimic somewhat it changes your entire look.

Where To Find The Vampire Outfit In Wasteland 3

Fortunately, players don’t have to reach far into the game to get this vampire outfit. It is located in the east of Colorado Springs into the Wasteland. This place is known as the Bizarre.

However, even though the item is located there, you will still have to do some things to acquire it:

Step 1 :

Firstly, go to the Bizarre, and then to Bizarre Interior.

Step 2 :

In the room of the boss, Flab, there is a safe with the outfit. However, you cannot open it until Flab is defeated. He also has guards watching the safe. So, you will have to beat the boss Flab and the other mobs that you can see there. (consider doing this on the mission when you get to beat Flab in the game)

Step 3 :

When all enemies are defeated, you can safely lockpick Flab’s safe. In the safe, you will find the Vampire outfit.

Step 4 :

However, when you loot it, you cannot equip it from your inventory like an ordinary armor piece. You would either have to go to Ranger HQ barracks and put it on an existing ranger or create a new one.

That is how you find the infamous vampire outfit in Wasteland 3. However, be wary that the outfit does not have unique or bonus abilities and stats. It is just a cosmetic upgrade.

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