Watch Dogs Legion – Finding Bagley | All Memory Fragment Photograph Locations



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There is particular quest at the beginning of Watch Dogs Legion, that will test your navigation and tracking skills. You will have to take a picture of exactly nine locations to progress to the next step.

Watch Dogs Legion - Finding Bagley | All Memory Fragment Photograph Locations

You will have to find these locations by solving hints. But it is not exactly the easiest job to find all of them. Thankfully, we have all of the memory fragment photograph locations from the quest Finding Bagley and we will share them with you!

Finding Bagley – All memory Fragment Photograph Locations

After getting close to a memory location, the game will prompt you and tell you that there is a possible location that could restore Bagley’s memory.

There will be a lot of insight into Bagley’s life and experiences you will witness. Most will come in the form of audio files upon photoghraphing a known place.

You will be prompted with a distorted picture of the thing you will need to photograph, so you don’t need to worry about missing it. This are all memory fragment photograph locations for Finding Bagley:

  1. The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square
  2. The Millennium Wheel, Lambeth
  3. World of Tomorrow, Inslington & Hackney
  4. Brixton Recreation Centre, Lambeth
  5. Inside of Crosier & Cherry Tree, Camden
  6. Duck Island Cottage, City of Westminster
  7. Wellington Arch, City of Westminster
  8. Guy’s Hospital, Southwark
  9. Walkie Talkie Memory, City of London

Like I said above, this will give you a huge insight into the story, so if you are following along the story then you must listen to these recordings since all of them are unique. Good luck taking pictures!

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