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The Whistleblower quest will require you to access some AR footage in order to progress through with the mission. This can be difficult because you will need to hack a huge fuse box and then distribute the power to the proper place.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Access the AR Footage

Nonetheless, many missions are relatively similar in nature, so you might be accustomed to it by now. Even though, you might be familiar with these mechanics, you might struggle with the Whistleblower.

Even so, we will give exact steps on how you can access the AR footage.

How to Access the AR Footage – Watch Dogs: Legion

One of your servers will receive a weird morse code, which will say “SOS.”You’ll think it’s a spam noise, but after some consulting and translating the message, you will start to make enquiries.

You’ll be faced with a few challenges, and some will require you to go undercover. There is a common trend though. Most players struggle on the AR footage part, even though it might be mistaken for the easiest part.

Nevertheless, this is how to access the AR footage on the Whistleblower in Watch Dogs: Legion:

  1. Go to the electronic door which you will need to unlock.
  2. Follow the red line from the door, until you reach a big fuse box outside.
  3. The electricity generator will give power, but at the first switch the power will be cut-off. So, move the L shaped connector to enable smooth flow: whistleblower step one watchdogs legion
  4. Move the first upcoming connector to this position: whistleblower step two watchdogs legion
  5. The next one will be right of the previous one:
whistleblower step three watchdogs legion
  1. Right of that one there is another one which you will need to rotate in a similar fashion.
  2. The next one, right again, is the last one and will enable you to hack the electronic door: whistleblower step four watchdogs legion
  3. After that, make your way to the door and hack it.
  4. That’s it.

Once you open the door you will have to access the control panel which will be situated on the wall. The mission is fairly straightforward from this point on. Good luck!

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