Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Access the Facial Recognition AI



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There are countless ways of progressing through Watch Dogs: Legion. Even though the story isn’t really that interactive, the missions make up for it in that regard.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Access the Facial Recognition AI

The quests are very interactive, and you can solve them or hack your way through them the way you want. But what happens when you get stuck on a mission? For example, accessing the facial recognition AI seems to be a problem for many players.

This objective will be a requirement in the Initiate Sequence mission. We will tell you how to access the facial recognition AI easily.

How to Access the Facial Recognition AI – Watch Dogs: Legion

There are a lot of twists and turns to this mission. However, the most challenging part is accessing the face recognition AI. You will have to travel through the offices to get to a server, which can give you access.

To do this, you must use the special spider gadget so you can move incognito. It doesn’t matter which gadget you use. It is just important that it is a gadget which will enable you to move around and hack.

This is how to access the facial recognition AI in Watch Dogs: Legion for the mission Initiate Sequence:

  1. Climb up the stairs and get to this vent: facial recognition step one
  2. Throw your gadget and enter the vent.
  3. Go right until you see another vent. You might need to take a few rights.
  4. Open the vent and move straight to the other one in front of you, be careful not to be seen.
  5. Next, you need to open that one and move straight until you get to the other one.
  6. Once you do, open it and climb on the filling cabinets opposite of you.
  7. You’ll see a vent once you are on the highest one. Hack this vent and jump to it.
  8. You can’t go wrong here, just go in the direction which you can go until you get to the next vent. facial recognition step eight
  9. Open it and you’ll be in the room where the server is situated. You need to hack the server to gain access, this is the server: facial recognition step nine

We’ve found that this is the easiest way to gain access in to the facial recognition AI. There are other ways which work well too, but this is more of a sneaky strategy. Good luck!

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