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Into the Void mission in Watch Dogs: Legion story-line possibly captures the core and the theme of the game as good as possible. Think about it, you get to destroy, well, hack an artificial brain.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Disable the Left and Right Hemisphere

To hack this brain, you need to redirect some “electricity” pathways which are a common thing in this game. Much like a real-life brain, you will have to disable two hemispheres.

That’s why we will tell you exactly how to disable the left and right hemisphere in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to Disable the Left and Right Hemisphere – Watch Dogs: Legion

Interestingly, there isn’t as much resistance as you may think in the Blume Quantum Lab – the place where you will find the biggest AI brain you’ve seen.

You can move freely at this lab, which means the hacks will be easier than usual. However, the two hemispheres have a puzzle that you will need to solve if you want to hack the brain.

The first objective will be the left side. This is how to disable the LEFT hemisphere:

  1. Go to the location where you have to hack the first half of the intelligence.
  2. Firstly, move the first object found in front of the intelligence, in a way in which it will distribute power to both sides. hemisphere watchdogs step one
  3. After that, move the others to achieve power in the middle ones opposite of you.
  4. With these unlock the top right one.
  5. Then move the left bottom one to give power to the one above it.
  6. Next, you can use the two middle ones to give power to the one in the center. hemisphere watchdogs step two
  7. With some ingenuity, try to give power to the one, at the top of the so-called brain.

The left hemisphere will be hacked after that, and you can go to the control platform and disable it. This is how to disable the RIGHT hemisphere:

  1. This one is different since the puzzle will be already solved.
  2. Based on the location of the drone, if you can’t see a drone, connect to the cameras in the chamber and find it.
  3. Even so, if you see the drone before-hand, connect to it.
  4. Move it behind the brain and rotate the top power source to successfully hack it. hemisphere watchdogs step four

It’s as easy as that! Well, maybe not so easy when you think about it. But that is the true nature of this game, to activate our thinking brains as much as possible. If you come across this mission on the story mode, good luck!

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