Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Rescue the DedSec Operative



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Along with hack-heavy expeditions you will have in Watch Dogs: Legion, there will be some where you will have to focus on dealing with more “real-life” objectives.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Rescue the DedSec Operative

Of course, you can use your gadgets for these missions to make yourself more efficient, but the advantage is slim-to-none. In the story you will be asked to rescue a captive operative.

It can be difficult to pinpoint his location, so we though we should share with you, how to rescue the DedSec operative.

How to Rescue the DedSec Operative – Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft has made it extremely difficult to solve puzzles and objectives in this game. Even though this has always been the case with Watch Dogs, it seems like it is now more than ever.

For example, when doing the Kill Box mission, you will be asked to help a captive agent. Although, his location is pinged on the map, it’s relatively hidden and players have problems with locating him.

Worry not, absorb the following guide because we tell you exactly how to rescue the DedSec Operative in Watch Dogs: Legion:

  1. Look at you map and travel to the mission’s objective, but more specifically to this spot:
  2. Now, the biggest reason why players can’t find the DedSec operative is because he isn’t located in the building, but in the tunnel below.
  3. So, to rescue him, enter the tunnel from the side showcased on the map above.
  4. Walk forwards, he will be tied up behind some walls:
  5. Rescue him, then interact.
  6. That’s it!

Once you untie him and speak to him, the interaction is nothing special. He won’t tell you any details on who detained him or how he found himself in this situation.

Instead, he will tell you that he aches a bath and that his breath stinks. This is one of the unusual interactions in this game, but maybe he has accustomed to being an operative and being in these situations.

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