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Infiltrating the security at Sky Larsen’s home might be a tough challenge. The house is rigged with the most sophisticated and hacker-proof systems on the market. However, it is plausible if you follow the steps below.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Enter Skye Larsen’s Home

While progressing through the game you will get the mission called “Coming Home” and breaking into Skye Larsen’s house is one of the main objectives. It can be challenging if you are a new player.

Thankfully, we will tell you how to enter Skye Larsen’s home as easy as possible.

How to Enter Skye Larsen’s Home – Watch Dogs: Legion

Once you reach the house, it will become apparent that Skye has the tendency to spend money on everything, and most of it on security.

Along with some systems to veer off intruders, there will be guards. You can easily take out the one on the beginning, and that’s all you have to do with the guard-situation. The rest won’t be able to see you.

Let’s get to how you can enter Skye Larsen’s home in Watch Dogs: Legion:

  1. When standing in front of the house, hack the camera on the right corner of the house.
  2. After that, download the key from the guard post in the corner.
  3. Take a right and walk on the street until you reach the yard’s backdoor.
  4. After going in, take a left.
  5. I would suggest taking out the guard first, so distract him and take him out.
  6. Next, try to unlock the door, then follow the red line until you get to the puzzle: skye larsen home unlock watchdogs legion
  7. You will be familiar with these, and you can solve it straightforwardly. Make sure to go sequentially with both currents.
  8. After you’ve solved it go to the front door and open it.

The puzzle on this objective might take you a while but it isn’t one of the challenging puzzles that this game offers. Like I said, Skye invests in security, maybe too obnoxious security. Nonetheless, good luck!

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Watch Dogs: Legion - How to Hack the Security System (Bloody Mary Kelley)


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